Drink Indiana Beer  |  Great Beer, Made Here

Did you know that there are more than 100 craft breweries in Indiana? Or that nearly 8,000 full time employees in Indiana’s craft brewing industry create an economic impact of more than $1 billion?

Brewing in Indiana is a big deal. When you visit an Indiana brewery, buy Indiana beer instead of a national or imported brand, and attend Brewers of Indiana Guild events, you’re supporting small, local businesses that create some of the finest craft beer in the world.

About Brewers of Indiana Guild

Organized in 2000, Brewers of Indiana Guild is the non-profit trade association that provides a unifying voice for the craft breweries and brewpubs of Indiana.

We promote public awareness and appreciation for the award-winning quality and variety of beer produced in Indiana, advocate for favorable regulatory treatment from state and federal agencies, provide support to brewers throughout the state, and, along with Indianapolis City Market, co-own Tomlinson Tap Room, where you’ll find only Indiana beers all the time.

Since Indiana’s oldest brewery, Broad Ripple Brewpub, opened its doors in 1990, the number of Indiana breweries has increased dramatically. Our brewers bring home medals from the most prestigious competitions in the United States, like the Brewers Association‘s Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup.

Brewers of Indiana Guild is the driving force behind the Drink Indiana Beer public awareness campaign which strives to support Indiana’s craft breweries in a variety of ways.

We encourage you to drink responsibly and drive only when sober.

Our Mission

The objectives of the Brewers of Indiana Guild are to:

  • promote the highest standards of professional brewing in Indiana
  • increase public awareness and appreciation for the variety and quality of Indiana craft beer
  • advocate for state and federal laws that promote Guild Members’ ideals and that foster brewery profitability
  • provide a forum for discussion, support and initiatives for the common good of Indiana’s brewing industry

Our Membership

Indiana craft breweries who meet the following conditions can opt into membership in the Brewers of Indiana Guild*:

  1. The brewery holds a valid and active “Small Brewer” permit issued by the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission;
  2. The brewery qualifies as a “craft brewery” as defined by the Brewers Association;
  3. The brewery is actively brewing;
  4. All critical phases of the beer making process occur within the state of Indiana;
  5. The brewery is actively engaged in the business of making and selling beer at its permit premise.

Breweries with more than one location that meet the above conditions and actively brew onsite qualify as Guild members with full voting privileges, one vote per brewery.

If your company doesn’t qualify as a Guild member but would like to support the Guild’s mission, sign up for our newsletter or contact us for more information about our upcoming non-brewery Affiliate Membership program and event sponsorship opportunities.

*Our map of Indiana breweries includes only those breweries who have opted into Guild membership. Additionally, some breweries have production locations aside from brewpubs/taprooms which are closed to the public and therefore not listed on the map.

Board of Directors

Nick Davidson, Tin Man Brewing Company
Jeff Eaton, Barley Island Brewing Company
Greg Emig, Lafayette Brewing Company (President)
Kaitlyn Hendricks, Quality Control/Public Relations, Three Floyds Brewing Company
John Hill, Broad Ripple Brewing Company (President Emeritus)
Jon Lang, Triton Brewing Company
Steve Llewellyn, Function Brewing
DJ McCallister, Black Swan Brewpub (Treasurer)
Justin Miller, Black Acre Brewery (Secretary)
Ted Miller, Outliers Brewing, Brugge Brasserie (Vice President and President Emeritus)
Will Moorman, Assistant Brewer, Tow Yard Brewing Company
Brian Nentrup, President, Hoosier Brewing Company
Shane Pearson, Daredevil Brewing Co
Clay Robinson, Sun King Brewing Company (President Emeritus)
Blaine Stuckey, Mad Anthony Brewing Company (President Emeritus)
David Yancey, Head Brewer, Taxman Brewing Company


Rob Caputo, Interim Executive Director
Tristan Schmid, Communications Director
Iris Dillon, Events Coordinator

Giving Back

The Guild and member breweries support charities throughout the state through cash and beer donations, often partnering for special events and action initiatives.

Get involved today.