Saturday General Session Winterfest Breweries & Guests

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Winterfest Saturday Session Breweries & Guests

2 Toms Brewing Co., 3 Floyds Brewing, 10-56 Brewing Co., 18th Street Brewery, 450 North Brewing, Ash & Elm Cider Company, Auburn Brewing Company, Backstep Brewing Co., Bare Hands Brewery, Beech Bank Brewing, Bier Brewery, Big Lug Brewing, Black Acre Brewing Company, Black Circle Brewing Company, Blind Owl Brewery, Bloomington Brewing Co., Brew Link Brewing, BrewDog Indianapolis, Broad Ripple Brewpub, Burn ‘Em Brewing, Byway Brewing Co., Cedar Creek Brewing Co., Centerpoint Brewing, Chapman’s Brewing Company, Chilly Water Brewing Company, Civilian Brewing Corps, Creatures of Habit Brewing Co., Crown Brewing, Danny Boy Beer Works, Daredevil Brewing Co., Deviate Brewing, Ellison Brewing Company, Escape Velocity Brewing, Evil Czech Brewery, Field Brewing, Flix Brewhouse Carmel, Fountain Square Brewery, Four Day Ray Brewing, Function Brewing, Goshen Brewing Company, Grand Junction Brewing Co., Guggman Haus Brewing Company, Half Moon Restaurant & Brewery, Hoosier Brewing Company, Hop River Brewing Co., Hoplore Brewing, Indiana City Brewing Co., Ironwood Brewing Company, Junk Ditch Brewing Company, Kekionga Cider Company, Lafayette Brewing Company, Mad Anthony Brewing Company, Malt Brothers Brewing, MashCraft, Metazoa Brewing Co., Moontown Brewing Company, New Day Craft, Off Square Brewing, Pax Verum Brewing, People’s Brewing Company, Planetary Brewing Co., Primeval Brewing, Quaff On! Brewing Company, Rad Brewing Co., Rock Bottom, Ruhe 152, Saint Joseph Brewery, Scarlet Lane Brewing, Seymour Brewing Company, Shoreline Brewery, The Sour Note Brewing, St. Benedict’s Brew Works, Summit City Brewerks, Sun King Brewing, Switchyard Brewing Company, Taxman Brewing Co., Teays River Brewing and Public House, Tell City Brewery & Pour Haus, Terre Haute Brewing Co., The Chesterton Brewery, The Devil’s Trumpet, The Guardian Brewing Company, The New Albanian Brewing Co., The Tap Brewery, Thieme & Wagner Brewing Co., Traders Brewing Company, Triton Brewing Co., Trubble Brewing, Turoni’s Main Street Brewery, TwoDEEP Brewing, Union Brewing Co., Upland Brewing Company, Upland Woodshop Brewing Company, Urban Vines Winery and Brewery, Wasser Brewing Company, Windmill Brewing, Wooden Bear Brewing Co. and ZwanzigZ Pizza and Brewing.

Cultivated Thoughts: IN Beer Brigade and Brewers of Indiana Guild North Region Breweries Collaboration

A pegasus in front of a hop cone surrounded by an octopus

Premiering at Indy Winterfest, brewed on location at Bare Hands Brew Granger in collaboration with Drink Indiana (Brewers of Indiana Guild), Hoplore Brewing, Junk Dutch Brewing, Ruhe 152, Evil Czech, Country Malt Group, Sugar Creek Malts and Crazy Horse Hops.  This Hazy DIPA features the Glitter Unicorn Octopus Friend hop blend created exclusively by the Brewers of Indiana Guild North Region for this release!

Primo Sparkling Hop Water: A Winterfest Premiere from DD Sponsor Indiana City Brewing Co.

Primo Sparkling Hop Water Can from Indiana City Brewing Company

Primo delivers refreshing pure hop hydration with 0 alcohol, sugar, caffeine or gluten. It’s the perfect go-anywhere, enjoy-anytime beverage for anyone who truly appreciates hops, and it’s made using everything we’ve learned about making great beer. Debuting at Winterfest 2020, Primo will be available for pre-order soon on followed by an official taproom release, date TBA.

Saturday Tap Lists

BreweryTap ListCask Ale
2Toms BrewingLost In The Dark (Bananas Foster) double chocolate milk stout. 9% ABV
Key Lime Pie sour ale 4% ABV
Edison NIPA 6.8% ABV
It’s A Hop Mess West Coast IPA 8% ABV
Auburn Brewing CompanyHop Rod IIPA (8.2%, 80.3 IBU), Reindeer Fuel Peppermint Chocolate Stout (6.5%, 60.3IBU), Fender Bender Bock (5.6%, 19.2IBU)
Black Acre BrewingSaucy Intruder, Rye IPA (7.2%)
Natural Liberty, American Pale Lager (5.4%)
BA Lager (4% ABV)
TV Wolf, American IPA (6.5%)
No New Money, Hazy IPA (6.9%)
Noxious Beast, Imperial Rye IPA (11.7%)
One10, Coffee Stout, (6.8%)
Beard Tax, Russian Imperial Stout (9.8%)
Perfect Relaxation Ensemble, Petite Saison with Spices (4.5%)
Chai Guy, Chai Tea Milk Stout (6.4%)
Vertical Sun, Witbier (4.8%)
Mocha One10, Coffee Stout with Choclate (6.8%)
Black Circle Brewing CoPixel Punk – Mosaic IPA (6.5%, 90 IBU), Wordsworth – Hibiscus Gose (4.5%, 4 IBU), Spruce & Juice – Pale w/ Spruce Tips & Grapefruit Zest (7.5%, 5 IBU), To Stout is to Destroy – Mexican Chocolate Stout (8.6%, 60 IBU)
Blind Owl Brewery“Parliament Drive” Pilsner (5.3%, 40 IBU) Gold Medal Winner 2019 Great American Beer Festival, “VII Kings” Belgian Dark Strong Ale (9.5%, 35 IBU) Silver Medal Winner 2018 World Beer Cup, “Hazily Ever After” New England style IPA (6.5%, 40 IBU) Features Amarillo, Michigan Copper, and Mosaic Hops, “Skeleton” White IPA (7.1%, 60 IBU) Brewed with Lemon Grass and Features Columbus and Cascade Hops, “The Great Rift” Milk Stout (7%, 40 IBU) Vanilla variant, brewed with lactose and vanilla.
Broad Ripple BrewpubTawny Hero (Java chocolate milk stout aged in a Tawny Port Barrel), Coffee In The Boro (Our Boro Brown aged on Brown Sugar Cinnamon Latte coffee roast from Strange Brew Coffee House), ESB (5.8 %, 35 IBU), Green Bullet (5.58%, 38.8 IBUs), Monon Porter (7%, 28.3 IBUs), 10,000 Lumens (7.9%, 47.3 IBUs), Fizzy Lifting Drink with Lingonberry (3.5%, 0 IBUs)Porter Lychee (Our Monon Porter with Lychee fruit added to it)
Byway BrewingChiPA IPA (6.5% abv, 50 IBU), Orange is the New Wheat (5% abv, 12 IBU), Cryo the Hopp Juicy Pale Ale (5% abv, 36 IBU), Rare Eagle White Stout ( 6.2% abv, 31 IBU), Goldblatz Golden Ale (5.0% abv, 15 IBU), Recluse Brown Ale (5.5% abv, 30 IBU)
Chapman’s Brewing CompanyUndaunted Single Hop IPA (7.5%, 69 IBU), Blood Orange Kolsch (5.3%, 21 IBU), Alley Oop! Black IPA (7.2%, 49 IBU), RIOS – Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout (9.5%, 20 IBU)
Civilian Brewing CorpsMosaic IPA (6.1%, 35 IBU), Porter (5.4%, 28 IBU), AltBier (4.8%, 12 IBU), HorchatAle (5.8%, 20 IBU)Blueberry Weizenbock
Ellison BrewingCircle City American Lager, Pale Lager, brewed with a combination of malted barley, corn, and rice. Using a blend of hops to create a flavorful experience but with clean, crisp finish. Tiramisu Stout, Coffee Stout, Inspired by the coffee flavored Italian dessert, this rich, full bodied stout is guaranteed to do just that. Crescent Fresh IPA (6.2%), Crossroads Pale Ale (5.7%), Big Black Stout (11%), Kölsch (5%), Amber Ale (5.7%)
Field Brewing Shift Change IPA (5.6%, 71 IBU), Night Game Dunkel (5%, 22 IBU), Lollygagger ESB (6.8%, 38 IBU) Daylight Saving Time Experimental Wheat Ale (4.6%, 12 IBU) Thin Mint Stout, Stout (6.6%, 48 IBU) Our Black Friday stout infused with fresh Mint sprigs, cocoa nibs, and vanilla beans to give a very familiar flavor profile.
Flix BrewhouseRye’d Together, Die Together – Rye IPA Collaboration with Backstep Brewing (6.4%, 64 IBU), Lupulus IPA – American IPA (7.0%, 70 IBU), Luna Rosa – Witbier (5.0%, 16 IBU), Jedi Java – Coffee Cinnamon Stout (7.5%, 30 IBU)
Function BrewingCopernicus Tart Session Orange Blonde, Cofactor Blonde, Rose Curve Red IPA, Vanilla Brown, Bourbon Barrel ArcCot Spiced Apple BrownAcute Blonde with cocoa nibs, orange peel, and vanilla
Goshen Brewing Co. Raz Royale- Raspberry, lactose, sour. 6.5% ABV, Lupulo- Mexican Lager- dry hopped lager with notes of lime.
Guggman Haus Brewing Co.Strawberry Peach Milkshake IPA (ABV TBD), Riverside New England IPA (6.9% ABV | 41 IBU), Guggenweizen Hefeweizen (5.7% ABV | 12 IBU), Coffee Milk Stout (6.2% ABV) Wilbur’s Prize Pilsner (5.2%)
Hop River BrewingMoon Lighter (Black IPA, 5.4%), Greater Heron (dopplebock 7.6%), Wingspan (weizenbock 7.7%), Midnight Retreat (Imperial Stout 8.5%)
Indiana CityKaiju Beach Party DDH Hazy IPA, Cran-Mango Fruited Sour, Tribute Pale Ale, Regulate Session IPA, Shadow Boxer Oatmeal Stout, Lemondrop Yo Hazy Pale Ale, Barn Burner Blonde, Catalyst IPA, Citizen’s Right Barleywine, Sweet Science Double Milk Stout
Junk Ditch Brewing CompanyMain Street Premium Czech Pilsner (4.2%, 20 IBU), Any Pants Cream Ale (5.2%, 20 IBU), Batch ESB (5.2%, 30 IBU), Mr. Jacklette Munich Dunkel (4.5%, 20 IBU), Coach Scotch Ale (5.6%, 20 IBU), Golden Oats IPA (6.8%, 90 IBU), Quick Elixir Double IPA (8.1%, 95), Tsar Bomba Russian Imperial Stout (9.5%, 65 IBU)
Mad Anthony BrewingS’More What? – Smore’s Stout; Mad Seltzer – Moscow Mule Inspired Seltzer; Good Karma IPA; Hop Loco Imperial IPA; Mosaic Moon Double IPA; Ruby Raspberry Wheat; Snowplowed Winter Ale; Cherry Tart – Kettle Sour;
SIx 2 Midnight Session IPA dry hopped with Mosaic hops; Golden Crown Cask Edition infused with Old Crown Single Origin Coffee.
Metazoa Brewing Co.Nap In The Hammock Cream Ale (4.8%, 17 IBU), Hoppopotamus IPA (7%, 70 IBU), Puppy Slumber Party Peanut Butter Milk Stout (6.4%, 28 IBU), Off The Leash DIPA (10.6%, 90 IBU)
Off Square BrewingParty Business – Hazy IPA (7%, 75IBU), Hamilton Porter – S’more Inspired Porter (6%, 20 IBU), Scientific Calculations – Chocolate Maple Coffee Imperial Stout (13.8%, 20 IBU), Pink Cowbell- Strawberry Milkshake IPA (6.7%, 60 IBU)
Planetary Brewing Co.Brack Bock (7%, 20 IBU), Chemtrails Cream Ale (4.8%, 12 IBU), Gamma Ray Burst IPA (6.5%, 65 IBU), Red Leader Irish Red (4.5%, 14 IBU), Strange Planet Java Mint Stout (5.2%, 22 IBU)
Primeval BrewingWelcome to Helles (Helles Lager, 4.4%, 18 IBU), Edelweiss (Hefeweizen, 4.9%, 11 IBU), Rauch My World (Rauchbier, 5.3%, 24 IBU), Sacred Seduction (English Porter, 5.7%, 22 IBU), Maxwell IPA (IPA, 6.4%, 81 IBU), Afterglow (Winter Warmer, 7.6%, 46 IBU)
Ruhe 152Drupaceous- Peach Gose, 5.5% ABV, Simmer Down- American Lite Lager, 4.2% ABV
Shoreline BreweryFoggy Loggy (German Style Lager, 5%, 15 IBU), Don’t Panic! (EPA, 5%, 23 IBU), Happy New Beer 2019 (DDH IPA, 4.2%, 26 IBU), Benny’s (APA, 5.8%, 30 IBU), Sum Nug (IPA, 7.5%, 75 IBU), Region Rat (Red Ale, 5.5%, 25 IBU), Beltaine (Scottish Ale, 5.5%, 18 IBU), Chester Brown (Brown Ale, 6%, 35 IBU)Elixir of Life, DDH IPA with Peach and Guava
Switchyard Brewing CompanyBelgian Dark, Hopscotch Coffee Stout, Lavender Blonde, Golden Ale, Rye IPA, West Coast IPA, Winter Wheat – Blueberry Pomegranate WheatChocolate covered strawberry stout
Teays River BrewingGolden Years Golden Ale (4.5%, 22 IBU), Luscious Brown (5.2%, 32 IBU), Swine Saber Smoked Rye Porter (6.7%, 40 IBU), Pleasure Seeker American Amber (6%, 45 IBU), Once Bitter, Twice Rye (6.5%, 60 IBU), Maneater DIPA (8%, 92 IBU)
The Devil’s Trumpet Brewing Co.DT Pilsner(4.8% ABV, 18 IBU), Make It A Cheeseburger/IPA(6.6% ABV, 66 IBU), Astronaut Dreams/Soda Pop Inspired IPA(6% ABV, 40 IBU), #tryn2Bcool/Hazy IPA(7.2% ABV, 40 IBU), West Coast Horizon/IPA(7.4% ABV, 86 IBU), Night Goat/Coffee Stout(5.5% ABV, 21 IBU), OX/English Style Barley Wine(7.8% ABV, 28 IBU)
The New Albanian Brewing Co.Skull Throne Dry-Hopped Cascade IPA (7.5% 70 IBU), 15-B Robust Brown Porter (5.5% 35 IBU), Old Lightning Rod Colonial-Style Ale (7.5% 29 IBU), Bonfire of the Valkyries Imperial Smoked Black Lager (8.5% 6 IBU), Huldra’s Hollow Imperial Oatmeal Milk Stout (8.5% 25 IBU), Naughty Claus Belgian-Style Spiced Christmas Ale (8.0% 16 IBU)
The Tap BrewerySocial Lager, American Lager (4.8%, 9 IBU), Bionic Dragon IPA (6.8%, 68 IBU), Kill the Lights Imperial Stout (9.2%, 68 IBU), Professional Lover Raspberry White Stout (11.2%, 22 IBU), Tapenator Dopplebock (7.9%, 22 IBU), Ladon Apple Ale/Graff (4.5%, 16 IBU)
Three Floyds Brewing Backhanded Panther — Hazy IPA (6.8% abv, 65 IBUs),
Lazer Snake — Indiana Pale Ale (7%, 55 IBU),
Robert the Bruce — Scottish Style Ale (6.5%, 24 IBUs),
Gumballhead— Hoppy Wheat Ale (5.6%, 35 IBUs)
Triton Brewing Co.Double Deadeye Imp. Stout (9%, 51IBUs), Experiment 1451 IPA (4.5%, 16 IBUs), Salted Caramel Dessert Stout (5.8 %, 18 IBUs), Green Tea Guava Sour (5%, 10 IBUs), Mosaic Manea IPA (6.4%, 16 IBUs), Barn Phantom Gose with Cranberries (4%, 10 IBUs)Tiramisu Dessert Stout – This dessert stout is our take on the decadent Italian dessert, with silky hints of chocolate and espresso. 6.75%, 18 IBUs
TwoDeep Brewing CoKnightstick Cream Ale (5.0% ABV), Red Sunday Irish Red (4.5% ABV), Brickhouse Roasted Amber (6.0% ABV), Griffin IPA (6.5% ABV), Jam Sesh Time Session Pale (4.9% ABV)
Upland Brewing CompanyPetal to the Kettle (6%,5 IBU), Tropical Vortex (7%, 15 IBU), Juiced in Time (6.5%, 20 IBU), Juicy Beast (8.5%), Teddy Bear Kisses (10%, 80 IBU), Dragonfly (6.7%, 65 IBU), Champagne Velvet (5.5%, 29 IBU), Wheat Ale (4.7%, 15 IBU)
Upland Woodshop BreweryFound-Blackberry Farm collaboration (7%), Golden Brue- The Bruery Collaboration (5.6%, 20 IBU), Guava (6.7%), Kindred- paradox brewing collaboration (9%), Prim (6%), Presevado (6%)
Urban Vines Winery and BreweryHazy Hopsicle NEIPA (6.1%, 31 IBU), Monks Breakfast Belgian Tripel (9.2%, 27 IBU), Dang Tuff Porter (6.4%, 40 IBU), Jolly Ole Krampus Christmas Ale (6.5%, 20 IBU)
Windmill Brewing Memes and Dreams-milkshake style ipa made with mangoes, Peaches and Memes-milkshake style ipa made with peaches, Two if By Citra-our flagship new England style IPA (6% abv), Snuggle Sesh-session pale ale with lactose (5.5% abv), Asuh Dude-ddh double ipa with ella loral and sabro hops (9.1% abv), Millhouse Rock-coffee infused dark lager (4.8% abv)
Wooden Bear Brewing Co.Belgian Dubbel (8.2%, 21 IBU), Belgian Blonde ( 7%, 17 IBU), Dancing Bears DDH DIPA ( 8.6%, 82 IBU), Grizzly Stout ( 8.7%, 55 IBU), Nutter Bear Porter ( 7.6%, 33 IBU), Winter Lager ( 6%, 22 IBU)
ZwanzigZ BrewingSaturday Morning Coffee Ale (ABV 6.5%, IBU 15), Snickerdoodle Ale, (ABV 6.1% IBU 12), What Do Yuzu Think? Milkshake IPA (ABV 6.5%, IBU 12), The Ticket Chocolate Ale (ABV 5.9%, IBU 11), Beauregard’s Blueberry Beer (ABV 5.7%, IBU 13), S’mores Porter – served with a roasted marshmallow, (ABV 6.1%, IBU 26), Raspberry Lemonade Shh Anne D. (ABV, 4.3%, IBU 9), Bacon Beer (ABV 5.5%, IBU 17)

Saturday GA Session Map

Winterfest Saturday GA Session Map

Participating Indiana Brewery & Guest Bios:

Test Based Logo with a large white 2 on a square diagonally divided between green and blue and the words Toms Brewing Co.

Inventive Beers for the Adventurous Spirit! 2Toms brews exceptional flavor forward beers designed to amaze your taste buds.

skull with wings and a crown and Floyds

3 Floyds Brewing Munster, IN based brewery producing “not normal” beers since 1996.

10-56 Brewing Co Logo featuring a bike tire with wings

Independent & family run, 10-56 Brewing is like hanging out with family! Come out and enjoy our dog friendly, game filled taproom, our huge outdoor beer garden or our family friendly area. Vinyl every day & live music several times month means your ears will be as happy as your belly. Food too!

Black and White 18th Street Brewery Logo Featuring a skull with 4 eyes

18th Street Brewery was founded as a home brewery by Drew Fox in 2010. After years of hands-on learning and exploration, 18th Street Brewery became official with the release of SINISTER DIPA in 2013.

An old fashioned highway identification sign featuring the words 450 North with a street sign below reading Brewing Co

450 North Brewing Co. Small-batch brewery in Columbus, IN featuring frequent releases of unique and interesting brews.

Text based logo reading Ash & elm cider co with a print of the top of a tree stump behind it

Ash & Elm Cider Co.: House-brewed cider & light eats in a historic building with high ceilings & rustic charm.

Auburn Brewing Company Text Based Logo

Auburn Brewing Company: Located in early 1920s gas station serving modern and traditional beer!

Backstep Brewing Company

Backstep Brewing Co. is a craft brewery focused on providing high quality craft beer to the community of Crawfordsville

3 Green Hop Cones and Bare Hands Brewery in Green Text

Bare Hands Brewery opened in December, 2011 with one simple mission: Owned and operated by South Bend native Chris Gerard, all brewing at Bare Hands is done on site in the Granger (South Bend suburb) brewery. Beer is available on 10 rotating taps in the brewpub and limited distribution in Indiana.

Beech Bank Brewing Logo featuring someone paddling a canoe

Located at 301 Main Street in Beech Grove, Beech Bank is now entering its second year of production.

Bier Brewery Pint Glass with written logo

Bier Brewery is committed to the highest quality and best tasting bier in Indianapolis. Each hand-crafted batch allows Bier to have the utmost control over the many variables that make up our awesomeness. The results have been delicious and quite successful at various events around the world.

A Canteen with the words Big Lug

Big Lug Brewing: Be nice drink beer

A Bird over the text Black Acre Brewing Company surrounded by two shelves of barley

Black Acre is a craft brewery and taproom located in the Irvington neighborhood of Indianapolis.

Black Circle Brewing Co text surrounded by a painted black circle

Black Circle Brewing Company is equal parts micro-brewery, craft beer bar and music venue. We are located in Refinery 46, in the Midtown / SoBro fringe. We host a wide variety of events most nights of the week, including live music, drag shows, and free weekly comedy.

Orange Sketch of an Owl surrounded by Blind Owl Brewery in text

Blind Owl Brewery is a staple in the Binford Neighborhood. Serving up some of Indy’s best brews. Such as their GABF gold medal Parliament Drive Pilsner 2019 World Beer Cup silver medal for VII Kings Belgian Dark Strong 2018 and Indiana State Fair bronze medal for VII Sons Belgian Golden Strong 2018.

Bloomington Brewing Company Logo (text based on a blue background)

Bloomington Brewing Company Southern Indiana’s first brewpub in business since 1994

Brew Link Brewing Company: An award winning and ok-ish brewery located on the edge the exciting town of Plainfield. We feature 24 hand crafted beers that will pair with our extensive food menu.

Brewdog Indianapolis Logo Text Based

BrewDog is passionate about a few things, but beer and humans are always our top two. We are on a mission to make others as passionate about craft beer as we are.

Broad Ripple Brew Pub Logo Featuring a Pair of Boots Resting on a Bar

Broad Ripple Brewpub is Indiana’s first brewpub and currently the oldest operating brewery in the state designed to look and feel like an English pub. We have one of the largest outdoor cafes in Broad Ripple. We offer a family-friendly, vegan-friendly, work-friendly, dog-friendly, and more environment.

A Laughing skull on a red square

Burn ‘Em Brewing strives to bring our creativity in the way we brew and what we brew with to produce the finest and most unique brews in our region.

Byway Brewing Company Logo Black Circle with a white sketch of a pint glass with a highway leading to a hop cone

Byway Brewing Co. is a microbrewery and taproom that opened in early 2016. We offer a wide range of house-brewed beers and a chef driven food menu.

Cedar Creek Brewery Logo with Pine Trees

Cedar Creek Brewing Company: Brewery, Winery, Distillery

A sketch of a plummet (or plumb weight) surrounded by the text Centerpoint Brewing Company

Centerpoint Brewing strives to produce craft beer of the highest quality by focusing on the details and finding the Centerpoint of the production process, resulting in easy-drinking, well-balanced beers that all are sure to enjoy.

Chapmans Brewing Company Logo

Chapman’s Brewing Co: We brew beers of exceptional quality for the folks that call Indiana home and friends from across the midwest. We have 5 taprooms across NE Indiana in: Angola, Fort Wayne, Columbia City, Wabash and Huntington.

Tie Die Circle with a Guitar Neck and Chilly Water Brewing Company in Text

Chilly Water Brewing Company: Small brewpub offering a rotating selection of award winning ales and lagers along with delicious wings, burgers, wraps and salads.

Circular Black and White Logo featuring a workman holding a hammer

Civilian Brewing Corps: Spencer, Indiana’s premier destination for great beer and fantastic food.

Green creature with yellow eyes with Creatures of Habit Brewing Co

Creatures of Habit Brewing Co: 3 Barrel brewery in Historic Downtown Anderson Indiana brewing many styles with a focus finding everyone a beer they love.

Logo featuring green boxing gloves with white three leaf clovers and the words Danny Boy Beer Works

Danny Boy is an industrial brew pub located in the Village of West Clay. Great food and brews all in one location!

Daredevil Brewing Co logo featuring a red racing helmet

Daredevil is located in the Speedway neighborhood of Indianapolis. While we are most known for our flagship Lift Off IPA we have one of the most diverse German-style lager programs in the United States. Visit us in Speedway or Daredevil Hall, our all-ages restaurant and taproom at 86th & Keystone.

Deviate Brewing Logo Yellow Circle with an arrow shaped similar to an ouroboros

Deviate From The Norm!

White Background with four black gears and the text Ellison Brewing Co.

Ellison Brewing Company is located in downtown Indianapolis specializing in IPAs, Lagers and wood aged beers.

Escape Velocity Brewing Company Logo Featuring a Red Rocket ship flying through clouds into a blue background with stars

Escape Velocity Brewing is a 5bbl Brewpub in Lafayette, Indiana brewing a range of craft beer everyone can enjoy from lagers to stouts. Our kitchen serves vegetarian/vegan soups, sandwiches, and small plates. We are Lafayette’s only all vegetarian restaurant.

Head with Half a Viking Helmet and ECB text

Evil Czech Brewery was founded by the Czech himself by using an adventurous philosophy; using only the highest quality ingredients and surrounding yourself with like-minded kitchen and service warriors who are as passionate about food and beer as you are about enjoying them.

Field Brewing Logo - Text

Since our opening in Fall of 2018, Field Brewing strives for more than making tasty beer. We have a great selection of House favorite brews including an IPA, a Dunkel, a Pilsner, and an Amber Lager. As well as a variety of rotating seasonal selections, and Limited release kegs.

Flix Brewhouse Logo Beer Glass wrapped in film

Flix Brewhouse is America’s only first-run Cinema Brewery. Enjoy award-winning beer and scratch-made food while enjoying your favorite new blockbuster film release. For those who believe that movie going should be so much more than just staring at a screen, Flix Brewhouse is a game-changer.

Fountaint Square Brew Co Logo featuring stylized trees in blue and red

Fountain Square Brewery: For Life’s Greatest Moments

Four Day Ray Logo Text

Centered in the Nickel Plate District, Four Day Ray Brewing is a family-friendly brewery gastropub with 24 rotating taps producing and serving award winning beers.

Stylized F and diagonal arrow on a green circle

At Function, the goal is to continually have something new on draft, while still keeping a supply of our core beers. To this end, we’ve put out over 260 unique beers in 6 years of operation. We encourage you to stop in and try Function’s latest output along with some of our delectable food.

A Black Hop Cone with Co. Beneath - Goshen Brewing Logo

Family-friendly brewpub located in an old power company building along the Elkhart River in downtown Goshen.

Grand Junction Brewing Company logo Featuring a Sketched Train Engine

Built out of a strong English heritage, Grand Junction Brewing Co. is focused on brewing traditional, true-to-style beers, with a heavy European influence, in a small-batch, artisan environment.

Guggman Haus Logog Featuring a cabin surrounded by pine trees

Brewing and serving beer in a two-story house in the Near Northwest neighborhood, Guggman Haus Brewing Co. focuses on brewing bold versions of familiar and experimental beer styles. Three Haus beers (Hefe, Milk Stout, New England IPA) took gold at the 2019 Indiana Brewer’s Cup!

Logo Featuring a Quarter of a Moon and the text half moon restaurant and brewery

Half Moon Restaurant & Brewery: Brewpub with 12 beers on tap and a full service restaurant.

Stylized white H on a Red Square

Hoosier Brewing Company: A brewpub in Greenwood Indiana with a large tap list, food & Axe Throwing.

Hop Cone with a river with waves on either side

Hop River is a 15-barrel production micro-brewery and taproom in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana.Our brewery creates high quality craft beer in an authentic brewery taproom atmosphere and engages with its customers outside of the brewery through local production.

A Green Hop Cone inside of a Black Sign

Hoplore Brewing: Small batch brewery in a historic setting creating unique brews with non traditional ingredients.

Indiana City Logo Featuring a torch

Love great beer! Inspired by the ethos of the American craft beer revolution, we’re dedicated to elevating the craft beer scene of Indianapolis with each beer we create. All Indiana City beer is unfiltered for full flavor and aroma, and brewed to the highest standards, with the finest ingredients.

Orange Block with Purple Lettering Ironwood Brewing Co

Ironwood Brewing Co. Small batch, hand crafted beers served in a cozy environment.

Stylized text based logo featuring a capital J and a capital D surrounded by a circle;ar outline consisting of waves and 2 barley shelves

Junk Ditch Brewing Company: Casual, refined dining atmosphere with a unique and varied offering of clean and sessionable award winning beers.

Kekionga Cider Company: Handcrafted hard cider made locally in Fort Wayne, IN!

Lafayette Brewing Logo featuring text over a red star

Lafayette Brewing Co was the 1st brewery to receive Indiana’s small brewers permit and is the 2nd oldest brewery in the state. We offer a rotating lineup of ales and lagers along with a full service restaurant with a large family dining room. We also have a Beer Hall for private banquets.

Mad Anthony Brewing Logo featuring text and hops - locations in Fort Wayne, Auburn, Warsaw and Angola

From the very beginning, Mad Anthony was anything but normal. Steeped in the fun-loving tradition that had been established at the corner of Broadway and Taylor the city’s first microbrews were welcomed by friends, customers, and beer lovers throughout northern Indiana.

Textual based Logo for Malt Brothers Brewing featuring a large M, B, and B

Malt Brothers Brewing is one of NW Indiana’s top craft brewpubs! Stop in for a selection of 15 or more craft beers on draft and get a bite off our full menu. Or just hang-out in our unique Tap Room or our family-friendly dining room. Located in St. John, Indiana, MBB is a must-visit location!

A Pint of a dark beer with a red mashcraft logo on the glass

MashCraft Brewing Company is happy to bring a variety of consistently great ales and lagers to all of our neighbors in Central Indiana. With 3 locations in Greenwood, Indianapolis, and Fishers all serving food and great beer, you are always close to a premier craft beer experience.

Metazoa Brewing Company Logo (featuring a text M and the phrase Drink Beer Help Animals)

Metazoa Brewing Co. is a pet-friendly, open-concept brewery in downtown Indianapolis that features great skyline views and over 16+ delicious craft beers styles on tap. 5% of all company profits are donated to animal-focused charities within the state of Indiana and across the country.

Moontown Brewing Logo Featuring a Black Moon with the Indianapolis City Scape in outline on the top edge

Moontown Brewing Company is a brewery, restaurant, and event venue located in a historic school and gymnasium in Whitestown, IN. We brew to the highest of standards using only premium ingredients to create the finest craft beer that pairs perfectly with our elevated food from our scratch kitchen.

Text Logo Featuring the words Find Your Way

New Day Craft: Find Your Way

Red Square with a White Hop Cone and the words Off Square Brewing

Off Square Brewing: Full Brewery/Restaurant conveniently located off I-65 in Northwest Indiana

Pax Verum Logo Featuring a stylized P & V

Pax Verum Brewing: A destination brewery steeped in mystery and lore…

Peoples Brewing Co. Logo Featuring an orange pint glass surrounded by a black circle with figures on the edge surrounded by a green circle and then another orange circle

Our selection of year-round, seasonal and specialty beers means there is something for everyone. American ales, German lagers, Belgian ales, English ales and more can be found all around Indiana and Chicago. Ask for People’s where you buy beer or come see us at the brewery.

Planetary Brewing Logo Featuring a planet with rings in the foreground and a smaller planet with two moons in the background

Planetary Brewing Co.: A Microbrewery creating a universe of styles and flavors from Greenwood, Indiana.

A Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton holding a bourbon barrel with the text Primeval Brewing

Primeval Brewing is a unique European-inspired craft brewery located in the historic downtown district of Noblesville, Indiana. We produce high-quality artisan examples of European styles with an open, inviting taproom inspired by classic German beer halls.

Two Mirrored Female Face Outlines Facing Each Other

Quaff ON! Brewing Co. creates craft beer in the heart of Brown County, Indiana. Our brewing facility is housed in a former bowling alley just outside the village of downtown Nashville, IN. You can find our beer at Big Woods Restaurants locations and throughout the state of Indiana!

Red Logo featuring a grain silo overlaid with the text Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom Indianapolis: Brewpub downtown Indianapolis

Ruhe 152 Logo Text Based

Ruhe 152 is a bistro, brewery, and distillery that opened in downtown Nappanee in June of 2019. We offer an eclectic food menu and constantly rotating house made beer.

Saint Joseph Brewery Logo Featuring an arched window with the outline of a gothic church

Saint Joseph Brewery is located in Indianapolis, Indiana right off of Massachusetts Ave. We are located in an old Catholic Church turned brewery. We started operations in 2015 with a full restaurant and bar. Come check us out!

Round logo shaped like a bottle cap with a black and white tree and a triangle featuring the letters SLB

Based in McCordsville, IN Scarlet Lane is lead by Head Brewer Eilise Lane and is known for their Dorian Stout. They currently operate three Indianapolis Tap Houses alongside the McCordsville brewery and Tap House.

Seymour Brewing Company Featuring a Large Stylized S and sketched barley and hops

The Seymour Brewing Company is a nano brewery located within the Brooklyn Pizza Company. SBC and BPC are a neighborhood brewpub providing quality beer and food to the local community. The house beers include Reno Gold blonde ale, Bing Bong oatmeal stout and house made root beer.

The Sour Note Brewing Logo with Bourbon Barrels and a Maroon Background

The Sour Note Brewing: The sister company to 18th Street Brewery, they produce sour funky beers.

Black Stylized Cross surrounded by the name Saint Benedicts Brew Works in a Circle

Located on the grounds of a Benedictine monastery in Ferdinand, SBBW creates great beer amid the centuries-old traditions of prayer and work with a New World spirit.

Black and White Logo Featuring the words Summit City Brew Werks in front of a Black and White Graphic that looks like a bike tire stained glass window

Summit City Brewerks: Craft brewpub with 32 house brews on tap and local wine & ciders in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Pub food including gourmet hot dogs, flat breads, tacos, appetizers and more.

Sun Featuring a stylized sketch of an Aztec face

Sun King Brewing is an independent Indiana craft brewery with a focus on creating traditional seasonal and unique specialty beer. 

Sun King rolled their first keg of beer out of the door in July 2009 and since then has grown into one of Indiana’s largest and most award-winning breweries, with medals at the Great American Beer Festival® and the World Beer Cup®. 

Sketch of an open inverted hop cone

Founded in 2014, Switchyard Brewing is located in the heart of Downtown Bloomington. We take a lot of pride in the beer that we craft, but are most proud of cultivating an employee culture like no other, and having a positive impact on the communities we’re a part of.

Taxman Brewing Company Logo Featuring a Skeleton Head wearing a Top Hat

Taxman Brewing Co.: Belgian Inspired. American Crafted.

Mastadon Imposed Over a Outline of the State of Indiana

Our goal at Teays River Brewing & Public House is to blend beer and food with a sense of community and become a destination for craft beer lovers and food enthusiasts alike.

Logo Featuring an Eagle Carrying a Hop Bine

THBC is the second oldest brewery in the USA. Today we brew modern, world-class beers in honor of our brewing heritage.

The Chesterton Brewery Logo featuring a green sketch of hops and the text veterans brewing for veterans

The Chesterton Brewery is a veteran owned and operated brewery

A green outline of a badge on a black background with the text The Devil's Trumpet

At The Devil’s Trumpet Brewing Co., we take pride in brewing quality hand crafted beers. Our mission is to produce aromatic, clean, unique full flavored beers. Our destination brewery and taproom is located at 8250 Utah St., Merrillville, IN 46410.

A White crown with the letters GBC and the text The Guardian Brewing Company below

The Guardian Brewing Company has been producing a wide variety of high-quality beers in Muncie Indiana since 2004.

A silhouette of a figure holding a barrel over their head with the text The New Albanian Brewing Company

The New Albanian Brewing Company: Succeeding in spite of ourselves since 2002

The Tap Brewery Logo: A Short Tap Handle

The Tap is a brewery and craft beer bar in Bloomington, Indiana, boasting one of Indiana’s largest selections of small-batch craft beer.

Blue Circle with a white star in the center and Thieme & Wagner Beer Text

Thieme & Wagner is a historic Indiana brewery with over 150 years and 6th generations in the beer business. We brew historic, classic, German & American styles.

Traders Brewing Company text based logo on a green background

Traders Brewing Company is a family owned brewery and taproom on the Northwest side of Indianapolis. Our mission is to serve simply, quality-driven beer and contribute to our community in a positive way.

Trubble Brewing was born to cause trouble. Shedding at-work personas that didn’t quite fit, Chad & Keli Hankee started Trubble in 2015 to be what mattered to them – brewers of great IPAs (& other beers that taste like beer), makers of food you can believe in, and people who love what they do.

Text Based Logo Turoni's Pizza & Brewery

Turoni’s Main Street Brewery: Brewing since 1996. Evansville’s oldest craft brewery

The Shape of the State of Indiana In Red with the words Two Deep Brewing

Two Deep Brewing Co. is a Downtown Indy brewpub featuring a wide variety of ales and lagers in a well appointed taproom just blocks from the Canal or the Circle.

Union Brewing Company Logo Featuring a Pint glass in front of a shield divided into filed of barley and hops over water

Located along the Monon Trail in Carmel, Union Brewing has a constantly rotating list of cask-conditioned beers, and features a large beer garden with live music, fire pits, and more.

A square featuring green tree covered hills in front of a blue sky with the text Upland Brewing Co.

Upland Brewing Co.: Well-made beer meets progressive Midwestern Culture

A square featuring green tree covered hills in front of a blue sky with the text Upland Brewing Co.

Upland Woodshop Brewery: Creating remarkable experiences that build community

Text Based Logo with the words Urban Vines

Urban Vines is a small brewery in Westfield, IN that packs as much flavor into our beers as possible by using the freshest ingredients while maintaining a technically sound brewing process.

Wasser Brewing Company is Greencastle’s Brew Pub for the Authentic! We have over 100 seats in our family dining room. We serve locally sourced food made from scratch and fresh Belgian and American Ales. We feature amazing local musicians and have an outdoor covered porch to enjoy a pint.

Windmill Company Logo Featuring a Yellow Windmill

Windmill Brewing is a small up and coming brewery located in Dyer, Indiana. We are well know for our series of milkshake Inspired beers (starting with memes and dreams) but also offer a steady variety of core beers that fit every style. Stop by the taproom (closed sundays) and say hello to Luthrr the cat!!

A sketch of a black beer

As the first-ever brewery in Greenfield, Wooden Beer provides a casual, laid-back atmosphere where friends can gather and families can enjoy time together in downtown Greenfield.

ZwanzigZ Logo Stylized Z in a Circle

ZwanzigZ Pizza & Brewing: Brewers Association 2016 small brewpub brewer and brewery of the year.

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