IN Beer Brigade Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get my membership card?

IN Beer Brigade members will no longer receive a digital membership card. Instead, you can now sign in to access your membership information here.


Can I upgrade my base annual membership to a premium level?

Base memberships are no longer being offered, and all membership levels will receive the premium benefits listed at



Can I buy a membership as a gift?

You may purchase a membership at, and you’ll receive simple instructions in your receipt on how to switch your membership over to a gift in a friend or family member’s name.

No single person may have multiple memberships. Membership will be verified and IDs will be verified for 21+ age upon entrance to Brigadier events.


Do I need a membership to get access to the beer/events/glassware?

Access to each year’s collaboration beer, the limited-edition glassware, and private events is limited to IN Beer Brigade members, though we welcome members to bring a guest to the release event of their choice.

Guests will not receive complimentary collab beer for carryout, glassware, or other exclusive member benefits, but 21+ guests and other non-members may purchase IN Beer Brigade memberships at the door.

Brigade beers are one-off batches brewed in limited quantities. If the current batch is no longer available, those interested in becoming new members in the Brigade will be notified of this prior to joining. Members who join after this year’s beer is no longer available may still join us at the release events and will be guaranteed to receive the next year’s beer.

Basically, if this year’s canned beer won’t be available because other members joined the Brigade before new members, we’ll let potential new members know before signing up for membership. Once they sign up, new members can still join us at this year’s release events and will receive next year’s beer.


Can I get a refund?

All membership purchases are final.



What shirt do I get each year?

New members will receive an IN Beer Brigade logo tee at the release event they attend, or in person if signing up at a beer fest.

Renewed members will receive this year’s collaboration tee at the release event they attend.

Collaboration tees will be available to new members for purchase at the release event of their choice.


Can I exchange my t-shirt for a different size?

Please contact us for details on exchanges. Only t-shirts that haven’t been worn or washed may be exchanged.

While we prefer to exchange shirts in person and cannot reimburse you for shipping return costs, we will pay to ship the right size of shirt to you after we receive the original.


When will I get my glassware?

Limited edition glassware will be available for you to pick up at the event you choose to attend.

If you can’t be at the event, you may send a 21+ proxy with your printed event registration.

All memberships will be verified upon entry. Beer and glassware will not be shipped nor distributed outside of the events.



Where are the private events, and when?

The private events’ locations and dates will be emailed to members and shared on our events page.

Members will receive an email inviting them to claim up to two complimentary tickets (one for them, one for a 21+ guest) to any release events of their choice, though allotments of beer and merch may be claimed only once per year per membership.

Memberships will be verified at the door.

There will be at least one event every year in each of the 5 regions of the state: North West, North, Central, South Central, and South.

You can find info on each of the regions on the Drink Indiana Beer app, available in the App Store and Google Play.


When will I get my ticket to the event?

Event registration is required and will be available as events are confirmed and announced.

Announcements and invitations are sent via Eventbrite, so please do not unsubscribe to Eventbrite emails, or else you won’t receive your invitation.

If you don’t receive an invitation to register for the event in your inbox at least 72 hours before the event, please check your spam folder, and if you don’t see it then, please contact us.

Printed tickets are not required unless you are sending a proxy in your place.


What if I can’t be at any of the events to receive my complimentary beer and glassware?

You may send a proxy as long as they’re 21+ years old and can provide proof of your membership via a printed event registration ticket.

Beer and glassware will not be shipped and will not be available outside of the release events.

Unfortunately, we cannot hold beer for later pickup or release outside of the private events.


Can I buy extra tickets to the events?

No, though every IN Beer Brigade member may bring one guest to the events of their choice.

Guests will not receive glassware, complimentary carry-out of the beer, or t-shirts. However, guests may purchase memberships at the door.


Will Designated Drivers who aren’t members be allowed in?

A DD may join you as your +1. They must be 21+ with valid ID and will not be allowed to drink or purchase alcohol.



Can I buy extra packages of the collaboration beers?

Additional packaged beer will not be available for purchase, but members may purchase full pours at any of the private events.


When will future beers be announced?

As soon as details are confirmed. 2018’s collab brew was hosted by Upland, featuring South Central brewing a sour beer. See more at



I have another question that isn’t answered here.

Please contact us; we’d love to help you!

Brewers of Indiana Guild: Drink Indiana Beer

Brewers of Indiana Guild: Drink Indiana Beer

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