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We’re so excited to bring new entertainment to IMF.  NEW this year we’ve got LIVE Wrestling & a mobile escape room!!!  We hope that you’ll help us support our local entertainers by going to websites, following socials, and buying plenty of goods while you get your drink on at this year’s fest!

If you’re a musician looking to book with us, please reach out to

Live Wrestling Matches with White River Wrestling!

Get your Iron Beer Claw ready for action cause we’re bringing Live Wrestling to IMF!  We’ve teamed up with White River Wrestling to bring you local and regional wrestling fun.  Talent and times TBA!!

Max Missions Mobile Escape Room

You have been kidnapped by the evil Alastor! He has locked you away deep in his mountain lair. Your only chance to escape is when he leaves to gather more chemicals for his world ending potions. You just heard the door click so now is your chance! You know you only have 15 minutes before his return so time is of the essence! Find the keys and the code to get out! Good luck!

Bio: In Rusty Redenbacher’s 2 decade plus run of the Indy music scene he has successfully captured the hearts of a progressive arts community on the verge of national super stardom. His multiple releases with rock collectives Birdmen of Alcatraz and Lazarus, hip-hop groups The Mudkids and Tornado Alley and more have shown the local, regional, and national music scene the extreme versatility and dexterity it takes to be embraced by not only his peers but music lovers of all shapes, sizes, and cross-genre backgrounds.

Keg Toss with Northside Optimist Club

Toss our kegs, win prizes and raise money for the Optimists & Optipark!

Cornhole & Games with Indy Custom Cornhole

Enjoy Cornhole, Giant Jenga & Connect 4!!

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