Breweries, Beers, and Guests Pouring at the 11th Annual Winterfest

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Beverage List

This is only a partial list and will keep growing until the event! Check back regularly for updates and check out #IndyWinterfest on Instagram and Twitter.


Brewery/Meadery/Winery Friday Exclusives Also on Friday Saturday Cask Area Ales HopCat Booth
10-56 Brewing Southern Boil, 5.5% ABV: Red Ale infused with the spices for a crab boil; Raspucia, 5.8% ABV Raspberry Chocolate Milk Stout
2Toms Brewing Prodical Monk Belgian Quad 12.7% ABV. Simplify Blueberry Berliner weisse 4% abv 7 Ibu Tart, electric blue in color, nice blueberry notes. Edison 2Tom series IPA, NEIPA, 6.8 ABV Resilience IPA, colab with Sierrra Nevada, 6.8 ABV, 70 IBU. BA Dark Necessity, double chocolate milk stout, 12.9 ABV Tapping at 3:00 on Saturday.
3 Floyds Pear Bear, American Wild Ale, 7.5%, xx, American Wild Ale brewed with Pears, Topless Wytch, Baltic-style Porter, 9%, 65 IBU, This strong Baltic-style Porter has a rich, velvety mouthfeel with notes of bakers chocolate and molasses. LazerSnake, IPA, 7%, 55 IBU, Brewed with special Bavarian Hops, LazerSnake is a good old fashioned Indiana Pale Ale, Robert the Bruce, Scottish Ale, 6.5% ABV, 24 IBU, A full-bodied Scottish-style Ale with a well rounded malty profile and roasted biscuit notes. Robert the Bruce (6.5% ABV, 24 IBU), Lazer Snake (7% ABV, 55 IBU), Deesko (6.5% ABV, 4 IBU), Behemoth (10% ABV, 80 IBU)
Back Road Brewery Pecker Head Red (7%, 24 IBU), Bacon Spire (6.5%, 12 IBU), Blueberry Ale (5%), Maple City Gold (6.8%, 15 IBU)
Beech Bank Brewing Company Sweet Porter (5.2%, 22 IBU), Southside Python (5.5%, 44 IBU), Kanu (5.5%, 14 IBU), Irish Red (5.7%, 22 IBU), Dark Solstice (8.2%, 60 IBU), Beech Bank Blonde (5.5%, 30 IBU)
Bier Brewery Hator, Doppelbock, 9%, 25; Coffee Kick, Robust Porter with Limelight Coffee, 5.6%, 29 Fluffy Pow Pow, Triple Dry Hopped APA, 5.3%, 35 Fluffy Pow Pow APA (5.3%, 35 IBU), Wizard Tears IPA (6.7%, 88 IBU), Pumpkin Ale (5.4%, 14 IBU), Double Kick Porter (5.6%, 29 IBU), Sabbath Black Kolsch (5.7%, 22 IBU), Weizengoot Hefeweizen (5.3%, 10.7 IBU), Razbataz Raspberry Belgian Session (4.3%, 6 IBU)
Black Acre Brewing Company Barrel Aged Beard Tax Russian Imperial Stout with Ancho Chilies, Cinnamon, and Vanilla. 9.9% ABV Feral by Nature: Mango. Barrel Aged Brett Lacto Sour with Mangoes Saucy Intruder Rye IPA, Natural Liberty Citra Hopped Lager,
TV Wolf IPA, One 10 Coffee Stout Randalled over Coffee Beans, Vanilla, and
Vanilla, Foreverfest – Coffee Amber, Barrel Aged Mocha Beard Tax RIS with Coffee and Chocolate, Brut Vilanch Brute IPA, Fully Dunked Double Dry Hopped IPA, Emodynamics Juicy IPA,
Barrel Aged Beard Tax RIS with Toasted Coconut.
Broad Ripple Brewpub No-Legged Rabbit (Collaboration with The Tap) (Gruit, around 5%, 0 IBUs), Not So Wee Alec (Barrel Aged Wee Heavy, 9.25%, 32.1 IBUs) Wee Alec (Wee Heavy, 8.9%, 32.1 IBUs), Beerdy McBeardface (RIS, 10.2%, 63.2 IBUs) Wee Alec (Wee Heavy, 8.9%, 32.1 IBUs), Beerdy McBeardface (RIS, 10.2%, 63.2 IBUs), ESB (Extra Special Bitter, 5.8%, 35 IBUs), Black Heart (Swartzbier, 5.5%, 21.3 IBUs), Reggie Heggie (Black IPA, 5.88%, 66.7 IBUs), Wobbly Bob (APA, 5.7%, 40.5 IBUs) Cherry Monon Porter (English Porter, 7%, 21 IBUs)
Burn’Em Brewing Co. Smooth Creaminal, Imperial Cream Ale, 11.3%, 15 ibu, Imperial Cream Ale with White Chocolate and Fenugreek; Long Johns On B.A. Cherry 2016, Winter Warmer, 10.2%, 28 ibu, Winter Warmer with Dates Nutmeg and spices
Byway Brewing Co. No Wining – pale ale/white wine hybrid (9.5%, 12ibu), Double-Tail Pale Ale (5.8%, 42ibu), ChIPA – american style IPA (6.5%, 65ibu), Omega Blak -Russian Imperial Stout (9.8%, 70ibu), Stosh.O – polish pilsner (5.5%, 28ibu)
Carson’s Brewery Yellow Eyed Demond, American Pale Ale, 6% ABV, 45 IBU’s, You don’t have to uproot your family and travel across the country to get a taste of this yellow-eyed demon. This pyrokenetic monster will leave you wanting more with his floral, spicy and citrus-like flavor and distinct bouquet. 100 Years War, American Pale Ale, 6% ABV, 45 IBU’s, So you wanna be King, eh? Easier said than done here. And while England and France actually fought for 116 years, not 100, they stopped for a period of time due to the Bubonic Plague. But the Black Death isn’t going to keep us away from this pale-ale dry hopped with Centennial hops. So whether you’re team Charles VII or team Henry VIII, this beer is for YOU. Darth Malt (American Porter 5.1% ABV, 28 IBU’s), RIPA (Red IPA 7% ABV, 70 IBU’s), Eville (Pale Wheat Ale 6% ABV, 25 IBU’s), Grumbleding (Red Ale, 5% ABV, 30 IBU’s) Vanilla Brown Cow (Brown Ale, 6% ABV, 30 IBU’s)
Chapman’s Brewing Company RIOS – Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout (9.5%, 51 IBU), Undaunted Single Hop IPA (7.5%, 69 IBU), Wry American Imperial Red Rye (8.5%, 46 IBU), FTP Czech Pilsner (4.3%, 36 IBU)
Chilly water brewing company Built to Last Pilsner (4.7%), Blood on the Tracks IPA (7.4%), Cherry Garcia Stout (6.7%), Good Kisser Kolsch (5.6%), Dance to the Storm Red Ale (6%), Sticky Fingers Breakfast Stout (8.2%)
Deviate Brewing Beer #1) Hop Supremacy – Double Dry Hopped Galaxy IPA, 7.7% abv Beer #2) Albatross – Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with dark roasted coffee, 12.3% abv
Devil’s Trumpet Brewing Co., The Chocolate Taco / Imperial Oatmeal Stout (10.2% ABV, 20 IBU) This big, chewy oatmeal stout is infused with massive amounts of Mexican chocolate. An addition of Mexican vanilla beans smooths out the cinnamon aroma and flavor. Heaven’s Court / Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Style Imperial Stout (16.5% ABV, 9 IBU) Heaven’s Court is a gnarly Russian style imperial stout blended with El Popular Mexican chocolate and Dark Matter coffee. We then age it in Four Roses bourbon barrels adding another layer of complexity. DT Pilsner (4.8%,18 IBU), My Ghetto (7.2%, 100 IBU), Night Goat (5.5%, 21 IBU), War Horn (6%, 26 IBU), Nacho Murderer (5.7%, 15 IBU), #tryn2Bcool (7%, 40 IBU), Vanilla Bean Night Goat (5.5%, 21 IBU)
Evansville Brewhouse White Swan Espresso Oatmeal Stout (5.6%, 28 IBU) , Devilish (Belgian Golden Strong, 8%, 29 IBU) Nazgûl Fuel (Black Rye IPA, 7.5%, 66 IBU) , Holden’s Hangover (Rye IPA, 6.4%, 59 IBU) Nazgûl Fuel (Black Rye IPA, 7.5%, 66 IBU) , Holden’s Hangover (Rye IPA, 6.4%, 59 IBU), TropiCorner #6 (Pale Ale, 5.4%, 39 IBU), Beyond a Reasonable Stout (Oatmeal Stout, 5.6%, 28 IBU)
Evil Czech Brewery Stalin’s Darkside “66”, Russian Imperial Stout “Non-barrel aged” 11% ABV 36IBU and Girthquake, Barley Wine 10.5% ABV 41 IBU Nefarious Harbor, New England Style IPA (7.2% ABV, 30 IBU)
Rosarium, Black Kettle Sour w/ Rose Hips (7% ABV, 19IBU)
Dark Helmet, Smoked Black Lager ( 5.6% ABV, 15 IBU)
Tulip Tree, Indiana Pale Ale ( 5.7% ABV, 40 IBU)
Field Brewing Our Lightest Beer – Pilsner (4%, 25 IBU), Shift Change – IPA (6.6%, 63 IBU), Black Friday – Stout (5.9%, 49 IBU) ChocoMint Stout (5.9%, 49 IBU), Field Brewing house stout infused with real mint sprigs, vanilla beans, and cocoa nibs
Flat 12 Bierwerks No Sleep Till Brooklyn, Bourbon Barrel Aged Hazelnut Coffee Brown 5.6 % 28 IBU The Blue Nun, Black IPA 6% 70 IBU Ale Communication, Session IPA 4.4% 43 IBU She’s Crafty, Light Cream Ale 4.3% 9 IBU Ale Communication, Session IPA 4.4% 43 IBU She’s Crafty, Light Cream Ale 4.3% 9 IBU Licensed To Ale, IPA 6% 104 IBU Paul’s Brewtique, Chocolate Raspberry Porter 5.5% 34 IBU Intergalactic, Imperial IPA 9% 72 IBU Brewhaha, Cherry Kolsch 5.2% 24 IBU Hot Sauce Committee, Cherry Blackberry Habanero Kolsch 5.2% 24 IBU Smores Milk Stout, 5%, 29 IBU (cans) or Wine Barrel Kiwi Hefe 6%, 39 IBU (bomber bottles)
Flix Brewhouse Luna Rosa – Belgian-Style Witbier (5.0%), Lupulus – American IPA (7.0%), Nebulas – Hazy IPA (6.2%), Mary Poppin’ Bottles – American Barleywine (10.5%), Tripel Carmel-ite – Belgian-Style Tripel (9.6%)
Fountain Square Brewery Barrel Aged Imperial Porter (ABV 8.0%, IBU 36): Big roasty Porter made w/roasted malts and Blackstrap Molasses, aged in Bourbon barrels. Double Dry Hopped Soul Ride IPA (ABV 6.8%, IBU 87) Amarillo & Centennial Hop Aromas proceed a slightly malty sweetness & a crisp hoppy finish. Double Dry Hopped with Simcoe Hops. SMaSH Galaxy, IPA, (ABV: 6.2%, IBU: 24) Single Malt and Single Hop IPA made w/Golden Promise malt and Galaxy hops. Count Nibula, Chocolate Milk Stout, (ABV: 5.4%, IBU: 30) Roasty malt aroma with a chocolate sweetness & silky finish. +2 from above and, French Kisses, Berliner Weisse, (ABV: 4.3%, IBU: 9) Berliner Weisse w/ Tart Cherry and hints of Vanilla. Sack Lunch, Dark Lager, (ABV:3.6%, IBU: 24) Peanut Butter Dark Lager.
Four Day Ray Brewing Monk Tears Belgian Quad, 10% ABV, 38 IBU, Inspired by the Trappist brewers of Belgium, Monk Tears is a Belgian-style Quadrupel that has an earthy aroma of spice, dark fruit and caramel. The flavor starts off with a caramel sweetness followed by fruity date characteristics in the middle and finishes with fresh plum as you exhale. A mouthfeel that starts out thick and sweet but finishes with a slight dryness. // Barrel-Aged Prince Igor Imperial Stout, 10% ABV, 49 IBU, Huge roasted malt character, bakers chocolate, slight malt sweetness and velvety smoothness. This beer was aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for over a year to make sure wonderful bourbon undertones come through in the finish.
Goshen Brewing Co. Brett Chardonnay Saison- Wild Yeast Saison barrel aged in Chardonnay Barrel. 7.4% abv, 25 IBUs Winterreise 10%, 65 IBUs- Imperial Stout with cocoa nibs and cinnamon Razby (5.5%, 9 IBU) Sour with raspberries and lactose, Che Fico (8.8%, 25 IBU) Belgian Dubbel, Soup of the Day (7%, 42 IBU) New England Hazy IPA, Mairzy Doats (6.4%, 26 IBU), Lupulo (4.9%, 23 IBU) Mexican Lager, Menno- Mighty (6.8%, 45 IBU) IPA with maple syrup.
Heorot Pub Polar Bear Cherry Blonde – abv 5% ibu 20 Raven’s Crosseyed Double IPA abv 8% ibu 58 Milk Stout
HopLore Brewing BA INdiana Peacock 10%ABV 25IBU Barrel Aged Wheat Wine, Soviet Occupation CCCP 10%ABV 45IBU – Cinnamon, Chocolate, Chili Pepper RIS WTF Man! Saison 6.7%ABV 30IBU Double Dry Hopped Saison , Pineapple Expression NEIPA 7.5%ABV 55IBU New England IPA Dry Hopped with Calypso, Idaho-7 and Mosaic W/Pineapple WTF Man! Saison See Friday, Pineapple Expression NEIPA See Friday, Imperial Amish Krack B2 11%ABV 35IBU Imperial Pastry Stout w/Rise n Roll Donuts, The Safeword Is Harrumph 8%ABV 55IBU Tart Raspberry Milkshake IPA, Milford Ditch TIPA 9.5% ABV 109IBU Dank Triple IPA, Outskirts-Dreamsicle Cranberry 9%abv 18IBU , BA Shes A Keeper 10%ABV 25IBU Barrel Aged Old Ale, Never Soggy Breakfast Cereal Stout 7%ABV 20IBU .
Ironwood brewing co Nigrum venerus barrel aged RIS 11.8% HowieWood belgian tripel 9.6% made with basil and lime Commodore Porter 5% optional habanero can be added
Beni American IPA 6.3%
St. Colombanos Irish Red 5%
Goliath’s Demise barrel aged barley wine 9.6%
Porter with something wonderful added to it
Junk Ditch Brewing Company Time Ghost Berliner Weisse (3.4%, 7 IBU), Quick Elixir Double IPA (9.1%, 105 IBU) Tsar Bomba Imperial Stout (8%, 60 IBU), Bourbon Barrel Aged Tsar Bomba Imperial Stout (8.7%, 60 IBU) Andy Pants Cream Ale (5.2%, 20 IBU), Goulden Oats Oatmeal IPA (7.5%, 90 IBU), Alps Bro Vienna Lager (5.25%, 30 IBU), Mr. Jacklette Munich Dunkel (4.7%, 20 IBU), Rooftop Pils Hoppy Pilsner (5.5%, 35 IBU), Backbone Amber Ale (4.5%, 30 IBU), 4th River Pale Ale (5.6%, 40 IBU), St. Jerome Porter (4.8%, 40 IBU) Bourbon Barrel Aged Anniversary Black Ale (9%, 60 IBU) – This black ale was brewed to celebrate Junk Ditch Brewing Company’s 2nd Anniversary. Dark fruit, bourbon and oak make for a boozy delight. This is the last keg, saved specifically for Winterfest 2019!
Lafayette Brewing Big Boris Barleywine 2018 (English style barleywine, 11.6%, 75 IBU), Tarocco Red (blood orange red ale, 4.8%, 38 IBU), 53 Years (port barrel aged barleywine, 11.2%, 55 IBU), Winter Session (session IPA, 4.3% ABV, 14 IBU) Bourbon Barrel Aged Big Boris 2018 (English style barleywine, 11.6%, 75 IBU)
LaOtto Brewing Harder-headed, Russian Imperial Stout, 11% abv,55 IBU, A variant of our flagship RIMP Stout aged on cocoa nibs and coconut; Marqued For Death, Berlinerweisse, 4.3% abv, 6 IBU, Kettle-soured Berliner aged on local Marquette grapes
Mad Anthony Brewing Company #1 Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout – Our Imperial Stout is a big, thick bodied, roasty black ale. Our version is brewed with imported English barley varieties and an addition of blackstrap molasses, which contributes to this beer’s complexity. Aged in for 6 months in our own Three Rivers Distilling Company distilled Still Mad Hopped Whiskey (distilled from Good Karma IPA) barrels. 75 IBUs, ABV 9.2% #2 Cherry Tart – This deep red ale goes through our special “kettle souring” process creating a mouth puckering light bodied ale. Sweetness is then reintroduced to the beer in the form of 300 lbs of sweet and tart cherries. 10 IBUs, ABV 4.7% #1 Hop Loco Imperial IPA – One of our boldest MadBrew’s. An American style Imperial IPA brewed with six kettle hop additions of five different varieties of American grown hops. Hop Loco’s malty backbone helps balance the bitterness & the citrusy aroma from extensive dry hopping in the fermenter. 100 IBUs, 8% ABV #2 Wee Heavy Strong Scotch Ale – Our Wee Heavy is a rich, malty beer brewed with authentic Scottish malt and English Progress hops. A small portion of the first runnings were boiled for an hour contributing to it’s caramelized character. 25 IBUs, ABV 8.7% Sweet, Sweet Victory – Imperial Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Stout,
Wee Heavy – Strong Scotch Ale,
Pineapple Tart,
Snowplowed Winter Ale,
Auburn Lager,
American Dream RIPA,
Mosaic Moon DIPA,
Ruby Raspberry Wheat,
A Wrecked Toboggan – Eggnog Stout,
Good Karma IPA,
“New Amateur Recreational Saucer Sled Landspeed Record – Winter Ale with Ancho Chilies, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cocoa, and Vanilla – 6.5% ABV; “HoneyBird” – Honey Cream Ale with Grapefruit Zest and Sage -5% ABV
MashCraft Brewing Last Light (6.7%, 75 IBUs), Sour Exp. #4 (Cherry Sour), Duke’s Indy Collab (Baltic Porter), Squeeze the Juice (7.4%, 39 IBUs), IIPA LUPU (10.1%, 110 IBUs), Ginger Snap (5.2%, 0 IBUs) Shippen Street Ale (4.4%, 21 IBUs) – Pre-prohibition Porter with molasses
Metazoa Brewing Co. Nap In The Hammock (Cream Ale, 4.8%, 17 IBU), Hoppopotamus (IPA, 7%, 70 IBU), Speedy The 3-Legged Cat (Belgian Tripel, 9.5%, 25 IBU), Winter In Wallonia (Belgian Strong Dark Ale, 9.5%, 25 IBU), Puppy Slumber Party (Peanut Butter Milk Stout, 6.9%, 21 IBU), Loose Seal (TBD, TBD)
Mind Over Mash Brewing Company Lazy Saturday Blonde (5% 20 ibu), MOMs Red Ale (7% 80 ibu), Covetous IPA (6.5% 63 ibu), Tiger Space Force Hazy IPA (6% 40 ibu), Redemption of the Gods Belgian Tripel (9.5% 24 ibu), Glorious Destruction Imperial Stout (9% 80 ibu)
Misbeehavin’ Meads Bourbon Barrel Aged French Toast (spiced mead, alc. 14% by vol., buckwheat blossom mead made with french toast ingredients and aged for a year in bourbon barrels); It’s Not You, It’s Mead (Strawberry) (hybrid mead, alc. 14% by vol., strawberry-chocolate mead with vanilla that was aged in Revolution Deth’s Tar imperial stout barrels for eight months) Caramel Apple Cider (spiced cider, alc. 6.5% by vol., hard cider with brown sugar and spices); Blackberry Cobbler (fruit mead, alc. 14% by vol., blackberry mead with vanilla and crust flavor) Caramel Apple Cider (spiced cider, alc. 6.5% by vol., hard cider with brown sugar and spices); Blackberry Cobbler (fruit mead, alc. 14% by vol., blackberry mead with vanilla and crust flavor); Blackberry Cobbler à la mode (fruit mead, alc. 8% by vol., blackberry mead milk punch with vanilla and crust flavor), With a Baseball Bat (Blueberry) (PB&J mead, alc. 12.5% by vol., concord grape-blueberry mead fermented with peanuts) It’s Not You, It’s Mead (Strawberry) à la mode (hybrid mead, alc. 14% by vol., strawberry-chocolate mead milk punch with vanilla that was aged in Revolution Deth’s Tar imperial stout barrels for eight months)
New Day Craft 2018 Imperial Breakfast Magpie (Black raspberry and coffee mead aged in Pogue bourbon barrels, 14.6%) Barrel Aged Washington’s Folly (Tart Cherry mead aged in bourbon barrels for 8 months 13.2% abv) Shelby Blue Ribbon (6% strawberry rhubarb mead), South Cider (6% cider with honey) Shelby Blue Ribbon (6% strawberry rhubarb mead), Washington’s Folly (6%
tart cherry mead) ReThinker (6% dry hopped blueberry mead) Live Currant (6% Black Currant mead) Pineapple Mead Spritzer (4% abv) Lavender Lemon Mead Spritzer (4.5% abv) Ginger Hibiscus Mead Spritzer (4.5% abv) South Cider- (6% Cider with Honey) Johnny Chapman Cider (6% Cider with Sorghum)
n/a Vanilla Breakfast Magpie (Black Raspberry and Coffee Mead with vanilla added (8% abv)
New Oberpfalz Brewing Helles Lager (5%, 19 IBU), German-Style Pils (5.2%, 37 IBU), Elijah Craig Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout with Maple Syrup (12.5%, 49 IBU), HopWagen IPA (6.5%, 71 IBU)
Norris English Pub and Brewery Juicy Momma ECIPA 7.5% , Imperial Stout 8 %, Chocolate Cherry 6 %. Scotty 5.5%
Off Square Brewing Bitchin’ Betty Hazelnut and Vanilla (14% ABV, 60 IBU) Imperial Stout with Hazelnut and Vanilla. New Donk City Cherry Barleywine (10%ABV, 30 IBU) British Barleywine with Cherries Square Bock (5.0 %, 20 IBU), Kashmir Shangri-La Honey DIPA (9.4%, 80 IBU), Bold Betty Coffee Stout (6.4% ABV, 30 IBU), Pink Cowbell Strawberry Milkshake IPA (6.7% ABV, 50 IBU)
OrthoCity Brewery & Smokehouse The Warning Letter, Barrel-Aged IMP. Stout, 10.8%, 35 IBU, Imp Stout aged for 3 months in an OZ Tyler BBL with Cinammon, Vanilla, and local Maple Syrup. 2nd beer- ‘Merica Coffee Brown, brown ale w/coffee, 5.5%, 30 IBU, We mixed our Brown Ale with Black Rifle Coffee Company’s Freedom Fuel dark roast coffee. Dry hopped with Freedom and Bald Eagles!
People’s Brewing Company 9th Anniversary IPA 6.8% 95 IBU American style IPA brewed for December 17th, with a huge Simcoe and Amarillo dry hop and a late addition of local Lemongrass. Black Rhyno Imperial Stout 8.9% 65 IBU American Style Imperial Rye Stout brewed with 9 malts, Belgian dark candi sugar, and flaked rye. Boiler Gold American Golden Ale (5%, 15 IBU) A portion of the proceeds from this beer will directly benefit programs at Purdue University; Boiler Black American Black Ale, (5%, 24 IBU), A portion of the proceeds from this beer will directly benefit programs at Purdue University Boiler Gold American Golden Ale (5%, 15 IBU) A portion of the proceeds from this beer will directly benefit programs at Purdue University; Boiler Black American Black Ale, (5%, 24 IBU), A portion of the proceeds from this beer will directly benefit programs at Purdue University; Space Cowboy Imperial IPA (9%, 96 IBU) This beer has a huge citrus hop flavor, with notes of grapefruit, pine, and pineapple; Farmer’s Daughter Wheat Ale (4.2% 19 IBU) Refreshing crisp beer made with 60% malted wheat and lemongrass, resulting in a grainy wheat flavor with hints of citrus; Abel’s Imperial IPA (9%, 111 IBU), Imperial IPA made with Huell Melon, Citra, and Summit hops in remembrance of our late friend and colleague; Nine Irish Brothers Red Ale (4.3%, 17 IBU) This smooth and balanced ale has caramel sweetness that fades into toffee flavors; Notorious B.I.P. Black IPA (6.5%, 75 IBU) Citrus hops meet hints of roasted dark malts; Phantom Assassin White IPA (6.2%, 65 IBU) Clean IPA with grapefruit and tropical flavors, forward aromas, and a light but balanced body; Blood Orange Space Cowboy Imperial IPA (9%, 96 IBU) Blood Orange was added to this Imperial IPA with huge citrus hop flavor. Double Chocolate Milk Money Stout (5%, 28 IBU) English Style Sweet Stout Ale brewed with lactose sugar and double the chocolate in this cask version.
Planetary Brewing Co. Cream Dreamsicle Milkshake IPA 6.5% 60 IBU, Orange and Vanilla Milkshake/Vostok 6 Imperial Stout 9% 50 IBU, chocolate and dark fruit with a slick mouthfeel InterPlanetary Ale IPA 6.5% 65 IBU, Midwest style IPA with a solid malt base and pine&citrus hops/Red Leader Irish Red 4.5% 14 IBU, subtle but smooth maltiness with a hint of roast
Redemption Alewerks Bodhi Tree Tripel, 9.1% ABV, 42 IBU; Sass-On Sour, 6.2% ABV, 0 IBU, Saison aged in oak barrels w/ brett Old Lionheart Ale, 4.1% ABV, 27 IBU, British Mild Ale, Bahnhof Berliner Weisse, 4.4% ABV, a kettle-sour Berliner. Old Lionheart Ale (4.1%, 27 IBU), Bahnhof Berliner Weisse (4.4%, 0 IBU), Atonement APA (5.4%, 42 IBU), Emergency IPA (6.8%, 80+ IBU) Big Figgin’ Tripel (9.1%, 42 IBU) Tripel aged on figs No
Scarlet Lane Brewing Company Maya (Milk Stout, 5%, 20 IBUs, Oatmeal stout with lactose, cocoa, cinnamon, and vanilla) Bourbon Barrel Tiberius (BA Imperial IPA, 8%, 100 IBUs, Imperial IPA aged 6-8 months in Heaven Hill barrels) Fragile Reign (Brut IPA, 6%, 25 IBUs, Berry and citrus flavors with a dry, clean finish) Dorian Espresso (Coffee Stout, 6%, 35 IBUs, Coffee stout with Tinker Espresso) Laughing Water (Australian Sparkling Ale, 5.2%, 35 IBU), Tiberius (Imperial IPA, 8%, 100 IBUs), Bast (Session IPA, 4.7%, 40 IBUs), Olga (Russian Imperial Stout, 11%, 63), Gin Barrel Laughing Water (BA Australian Sparkling Ale, 5.2%, 35 IBUs)
Schnitz Brewery Back to the Rind (8ibu, 5%) Vanilla Porter (65ibu, 6.4%) Blonde Ale(5.5%, 13ibu) IPA (8%, 76ibu)
Shoreline Brewery Barrel Aged Lost Sailor Imperial Coffee Stout 10% “An Imperial Stout aged in a bourbon barrel with intense coffee, chocolate & warm alcohol flavors” Barrel Aged Imperial Raspberry Ale 11.2% 2015 FOBAB Gold Medal Winning Beer” A strong ale brewed with 100 lbs of raspberries & then aged in French oak Pinot Noir barrels” 1) Foggy Loggy (5.2%)-Golden Lager, Tessellated (4.5%)-Session IPA Foggy Loggy(Golden Lager 5.2%), Don’t Panic!(EPA 5.5%), Tessellated(Session IPA 4.5%), Sum Nug(Imperial IPA 7.8%), Beltaine(Scottish Ale 5.8%), Bavarian Bombshell(Black Lager 6.7%), Happy New Beer(American Stout 5.2%), Michigami(Session IPA 4.3% ) Citrus Infused Benny’s APA(6.2%) 2010 Barrel Aged Big Bella-Heavy Scotch Ale(9.5%)
St. Benedict’s Brew Works Nun’s Dragon, classic Imperial Stout, AVB is 9.5 percent, IBU is 67; All Saints Belgian Tripel, ABV is 8 percent; IBU is 18
St. John Malt Bros. Emperor Penguin too, Imperial Stout, 8.0%ABV, 36IBU, Coffee and Chocolate Stout, Third Level Stupid BA, Barley Wine, 14.9%ABV, 108IBU, Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine 400 Feet East, American Pale Ale, 5.5%ABV, 21IBU 400 Feet East, American Pale Ale, 5.5%ABV, 21IBU, Abominable Snowpants, Winter Wheat Ale, 6.0%ABV, 20IBU, No.57, Altbier (German Amber), 5.4%ABV, 37IBU
Summit City Brewerks Bourbon Barrel Gallantly Streaming, Barleywine, 11.1% Bourbon forward and very malty Barleywine aged in Four Roses Bourbon Barrels. Cinnamon Praline Stout (Imperial Stout, 11.7%) Imperial stout with cinnamon, pecans, honey, vanilla, and house roasted coffee. Toast & Jam (Amber ale w/ strawberries & coffee, 6.4%, 17 IBU), Old Crown Ale (Golden Ale, 6.1%, 11 IBU)
Tap Brewery, The Arcane Wanderer: Raistlin Gruit Ale (5.2%, 0 IBU), Bourbon Kill the Lights (10.5%, 68 IBU) Gingerbeer’d Man (6.4%, 18 IBU), Social Lager (4.8%, 11 IBU), Electric Stinger (9%, 25 IBU), Kill the Lights (9.2%, 68 IBU), Bionic Dragon IPA (6.2%, 68 IBU), Beardliner Weisse (4%, 1 IBU)
Taxman Brewing Company (1) Q3 2018 (ABV 7%/ IBU 30) is a deep golden dry-hopped sour saison brewed with Indiana pilsner, wheat and rye malt. This ale features an experimental acid-producing wild yeast in primary, followed by an extended mixed-culture fermentation in wine barrels. Q3 2018 was then delicately hopped with Southern Cross, Pacific Gem and CTZ and bottle conditioned; (2) Golden Parachute (ABV 6.2% / IBU 10) Gold Standard blonde ale fermented with 100% Brettanomyces and aged on oak on oak. Distinct and funky aromas of strawberry, grape must and sun-washed hay combine with a smooth malty body to create the perfect luxury ale.
Teays River Brewing Doorbuster Lust, American barleywine (9.2%, 88 IBU), Ginger Snap Slap: The Beer, Brownish Ale (7.0%, 22 IBU) Brown ale spiced with ginger, clove, cinnamon, and molasses. Maneater, Double IPA (8.0%, 90 IBU), Drunken Butterfly, Belgian Dubbel (6.4%, 22 IBU) Golden Years, British Golden Ale (4.5%, 23 IBU), Drunken Butterfly, Belgian Dubbel (6.4%, 22 IBU), Agi-tater Sweet Potato Ale (6.1%, 24 IBU), Ho Ho Holiday Hooch, Brown ale w/juniper, vanilla, orange peel, ginger, & Grains of Paradise (7.2%, 24 IBU), Pleasure Seeker, American Amber (6.0%, 45 IBU), Maneater, Double IPA (8.0%, 90 IBU)
Terre Haute Brewing Company FreshWeizen(Bavarian Hefeweizen,4.8%ABV, 10IBU), Wango Tango(IPA, 7.5%ABV, 50IBU), Dave’s Porter(Porter, 5.3%, 25IBU), Velvet Cream Stout(Milk Stout, 5.4%, 20IBU)
Traders Brewing Company Badass IPA (7.2%, 72 IBU), Trippy Nick’s Tripel (8.8%, 25 IBU), Idaho Gem IPA (6.5%, 64 IBU)
Triton Brewing Company Barrel Aged Barn Phantom Sour with Peach : ABV 3.8% IBU 10 This Barn Phantom Gose variant was brewed and blended with 42 lbs. of peach purée and aged in a soured bourbon barrel for 7 months. Wee Heavy Scotch Ale (2018) 12.2 ABV 28 IBU Scotch Ale aged for seven months in a first use Four Roses Bourbon Barrel, features tasting notes of bourbon, brown sugar, dark fruits and caramel. Pale Splitter APA American Pale Ale 4.7 ABV 35 IBU Clean, crisp brewed with Citra, Galena, Columbus, Cascade and Magnum Hops. Barn Phantom Gose with Apricot Fruited Gose 4.0 ABV 10 IBU 2016 IBC Gold Medal Winning Sour Ale brewed with Apricot. Effervescent, and lightly sour with notes of apricot, citrus aromas and a hint of minerality. Pale Splitter APA (American Pale Ale 4.7% ABV 35 IBU), Barn Phantom Gose with Apricot (Fruit Gose 4% ABV 10 IBU), Raspberry Ale Pacino Mocaccino (Pastry or Dessert Style Milk Brown 5.2% ABV 19 IBU), S’mores Dessert Stout (Pastry or Dessert Stout 6.75% ABV 18 IBU), Lawrence Black Lager (4.25% 24 IBU), Kilt Bill Scotch Ale (70 Schilling Scotch Ale 4.5% 4 IBU), The Hempire Strykes Back (Juicy IPA, 6.8% 38 IBU), Hatchblower IPA (Pepper India Pale Ale 7.0 ABV 70 IBU) Five Alive IPA 7.0% ABV 70 IBU Rail Splitter IPA cask conditioned with lemon, lime, grapefruit, tangerine and orange rinds and juices.
Trubble Brewing Provocateur Chocolate Salted Stout (7% ABV, 26 IBU) firkin with caramel (, Grind Crimes Rye Coffee Ale (6% ABV, 46 IBU Rye Pale Ale and Ethiopian Cold Brewed coffee) infused with chocolate chip biscotti Grind Crimes Rye Coffee Ale (6% ABV 46 IBU) and Draconian Scotch Heavy Ale (7.4% ABV, 51 IBU) Grind Crimes Rye Coffee Ale (6% ABV 46 IBU), Yer Bitter ESB (4.6% ABV, 56 IBU), Dog Slobber “Session” IPA (6.420% ABV, 53 IBU), Draconian Scotch Heavy Ale (7.4% ABV, 51 IBU), Monster Smash Marsh”mellow” Imperial Stout (11.3%, 50 IBU)
TwoDEEP Brewing Co Tamaracks Flute, smoked porter, 6.5%, chocolaty porter with cherry wood smoked malts, Belinda Brewed Pale Ale, 5.0%, tropical Dead Rabbits Irish Extra Stout, New Pale Ale Chiria, Wine Barrel aged Cream Ale
Upland Brewery Juiced My Style (7.6%, 20 IBU, Imperial New England IPA), Latitude Adjustment (6.2%, 30 IBU, Tropical Pale Ale), BA TBK Coconut (10%, 80 IBU), BA TBK S’mores (10%, 80 IBU), BA TBK Orange (10%, 80 IBU), Petal to the Kettle (6%, 5 IBU, kettle sour ale), Champagne Velvet (5.5%, 29 IBU), Dragonfly IPA (6.7%, 65 IBU), Wheat Ale (4.7%, 15 IBU), Free Time Vienna Lager (4.7%, 25 IBU)
Upland Sour Brewery Revive ( 6%, 15 IBU), Saison du Trinkle (6.2%, 15 IBU), Prim (6%, 10 IBU), Iridescent (6%, 15 IBU), Oak and White (7.5%, 7 IBU), Entwined (7.3%, 10 IBU), Crimson (10%, 15 IBU)
Urban Vines Winery and Brewery Beez Neez, Imperial IPA, 9.7%, 76 IBU, This Imperial IPA has wonderful deep malt flavors with a royal amount of hops that is married together with the perfect amount of honey for that lovely rounded finish. Canadian Maple, Blonde Stout, 5.51%, 40 IBU, This mystical creation looks like a golden ale yet has the nose, taste, and mouth feel of a stout that has been infused with the essence of Canada. Hazy Hopsicle, New England Style IPA, 7%, 53 IBU, A delightful orange color, extremely juicy hazy IPA. El Hefe, Hefeweizen, 4.7%, 10 IBU, Distinctive banana and clove flavors emanating from a classic Hefeweizen. Hazy Hopsicle (7%, 53 IBU), El Hefe (4.7%, 10 IBU), Monk’s Breakfast (9%, 27 IBU), German Pilsner (4.6%, 22 IBU)
Wasser Brewing Company Resilience IPA ABV 6.7% IBU 70, Oktoberfest ABV 5.6% IBU 24 Brown Ale ABV 6.4% IBU 25 Crazy Aunt Matilda (coffee infused mild ale) ABV 7% IBU 25
Wooden Bear Brewing C is for Cookie (Imperial Spiced Ale, 7.5%, Spiced ale w/ Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, & Vanilla Beans.) Coffee Vanilla Midnight Mauler (Russian Imperial Stout, 10%, Silver Medal Russian Imperial Stout w/ Coffee & Vanilla Beans) Blonde Highlights: Coffee (Blonde Ale, 5.7%, Blonde Ale w/ Coffee.) Cougar Town Brown (American Brown Ale, 6.8%) Blonde Highlights: Coffee (Blonde Ale, 5.7%, Blonde Ale w/ Coffee.), Cougar Town Brown (American Brown Ale, 6.8%) , Midnight Mauler (Russian Imperial Stout, 10%.), Belgian Blonde (Belgian-Style Blonde Ale, 7%, Silver Medal at Indiana Brewers Cup), Grapefruit Pennsy (American Pale Ale, 6.5%, Pale Ale w/ Grapefruit), Brut Pale Ale (Brut Pale Ale, 5.3%), Maize Runner (Cream Ale, 4.5%)
ZwanzigZ Brewing Belgian Double Quad, 10.1%, 22, A slightly spiced winter ale with a little hooch in it to warm you up this winter. Strawberry Milkshake IPA, 7.6%, 12, Brewed with lactose and double dry hopped with an aggressive amount of hops. Strawberry puree added to the keg and here we go.. White Gold Revolver BRUT IPA, 8.7%, 4, All the sugar has been brewed out of this along with plenty of dry hops to create a champagne like, dry IPA. Raspberry Lemonade Shh Anne D. 5%, 10, A refreshing, lighter beer that begs for summertime. Bacon Beer (6.6%, 12 IBU), Chocolate Beer (6.2%, 11 IBU), Blueberry Beer (6.4%, 12 IBU), Brut IPA (8.7%, 4 IBU), Ghost Pepper Imperial Stout (7.9%, 45 IBU), Mint Chocolate Chip Beer (6.1%, 10 IBU), Raspbery Lemonade Shh Anne D. (5 %, 5 IBU), Bit -O- Peanut Butta Porter (6.5%, 21 IBU), Vanilla Cinnamon Porter (6.5%, 21), S’Mores Porter (6.5%, 21)

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See the map here.

Pouring at both the Exclusive Specialties Session on Friday, 6 – 9 p.m., and the Saturday Session, 2 – 6 p.m.:

Brewery/Booth Location

10-56 Brewing Co 96
18th Street Brewery 15
2Toms Brewing 17
3 Floyds 100
450 North 38
Bare Hands Brewery 95
Bier Brewery 21
Black Acre Brewing Company 18
Black Swan Brewpub 22
Blind Owl Brewery 28
Broad Ripple Brew Pub 93
Burn ‘Em Brewing 19
Carson’s Brewery 37
Centerpoint Brewing 77
Central State Brewing 20
Daredevil Brewing Co 78
Deviate Brewing 33
Devil’s Trumpet Brewing Co 34
Evansville Brewhouse 79
Evil Czech Brewery 80
Flat 12 Bierwerks 89
Fountain Square Brewery 90
Four Day Ray Brewing 81
Function Brewing 82
Goshen Brewing Company 72
Grand Junction Brewing Co. 42
Hoosier Brewing Company 94
HopLore Brewing 88
Indiana City 87
Ironwood Brewing Co 30
Junk Ditch Brewing Company 12

LaOtto Brewing 101
Mad Anthony Brewing Company 85
Maidens Brewery & Pub 27
Misbeehavin’ Meads 14
Moontown Brewing Company 70
New Corner 13
New Day Craft 43
Off Square Brewing 71
OrthoCity Brewery & Smokehouse 41
Pax Verum Brewing Co 99
People’s Brewing Company 83
Planetary Brewing Co. 32
Quaff On Brewing Company (standalone; see map)
Redemption Alewerks 31
Scarlet Lane(standalone; see map)
Shoreline Brewery 91
Sour Note Brewing, The 16
St John Malt Brothers 26
St. Benedict’s Brew Works 92
Summit City Brewerks 25
Sun King Brewing Company LLC (standalone; see map)
Tap Brewery, The (standalone; see map)
Taxman Brewing Company 24
Teays River Brewing 35
The Guardian Brewing Company 36
Triton Brewing Company 97
Trubble Brewing 98
TwoDEEP Brewing Co. 75
Urban Vines Winery and Brewery 76
Wolveshead 39
Wooden Bear Brewing 40
ZwanzigZ Brewing 73

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In addition to those above, pouring at the Saturday Session, 2 – 6 p.m.:

Ash and Elm Cider Company 105
Back Road Brewery 9
Basket Case Brewing Company 10
Beech Bank Brewing Company 67
Big Lug 54
Black Circle Brewing Co 68
Bloomington Brewing Co. 1
Brew Link Brewing 106
Brokerage Brewing Company 47
Byway Brewing Co. 48
C.T. Doxey 69
Cannon Ball Brewing Company 63
Cedar Creek 58
Chapman’s Brewing Company 64
Chilly Water Brewing Company 11
Crown Brewing 5
Deer Creek Brewery 6
Field Brewing 60
Flix Brewhouse 53
Half Moon Restaurant & Brewery 2
Hop River Brewing Company 111
Kekionga Cider Company 65
Kopacetic Beer Factory 59

Lafayette Brewing Co 109
MashCraft Brewing Company 110
Metazoa Brewing Co. 51
Mind over Mash 102
New Albanian Brewing Co. 52
New Oberpfalz Brewing 56
norris english pub and brewery 4
Ram 103
Rock Bottom 61
Schnitz Brewery 62
Seymour Brewing Company 107
St. Joseph Brewery 108
Switchyard Brewing Company 49
Terre Haute Brewing Company 50
Three Wisemen (standalone; see map)
Traders Brewing Company 66
Turoni’s Main Street Brewery 7
Union Brewing Company 8
Upland Brewing Company 45
Upland Sours Brewery 46
Wasser Brewing Company 104

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Brewers of Indiana Guild: Drink Indiana Beer

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