Breweries in Operation

If you own or operate a brewery in Indiana and are lawfully selling beer, start here.

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Breweries in Planning

If you’re preparing to open your own brewery, start here and get help every step of the way.

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Business Affiliate

The Brewers of Indiana Guild Business Affiliate Program and associated Affiliate Marketplace is an exclusive opportunity for businesses wishing to cultivate meaningful relationships within Indiana’s craft brewing community.

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Local Producer Partners

The Brewers of Indiana Guild’s Local Producer Partner Program is an exclusive opportunity for Indiana businesses that grow or produce products affiliated with brewing to cultivate meaningful relationships within Indiana’s craft brewing community.

To qualify for membership your business must be licensed and producing your product in the state of Indiana.

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Community Supporter

Are you a local Indiana business looking to support the craft beer industry?  Sign up for our Community Supporter membership to get free tickets, discounted sponsorships & advertising opportunities, and all of the delicious craft beer that you can sample!

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Sponsor Indiana’s Best Beer Fests

Sponsor any or all of Brewers of Indiana Guild‘s annual beer festivals and share your company with thousands of craft beer lovers and Indiana’s 170+ craft breweries.

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Enlist in the IN Beer Brigade to celebrate and support Indiana craft beer

Become an IN Beer Brigadier for access to  local one-off, small-batch collaboration beers available exclusively at release events in breweries across Indiana and at Tomlinson Tap Room.

You’ll also get limited edition glassware specially paired and handpicked by the brewers themselves, a members-only T-shirt, and exclusive discounts and experiences from Indiana breweries throughout the year. See the full member benefits here.

Your membership in this exclusive program directly supports Indiana’s fast-growing brewing industry and the Brewers of Indiana Guild. Learn more about our mission.

Enlist in the IN Beer Brigade

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