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Participating Breweries & Guests at the Indiana Microbrewers Festival

Find this year’s beers on tap at the bottom of this page



18th Street Brewery

2Toms Brewing Company

450 North Brewing Company

Afterburner Brewing Company

Ash & Elm Cider Co.

Bad Dad Brewing Company

Bier Brewery & Taproom

Big Lug Brewing Company

Black Circle Brewing Co

Black Dog Brewing Company

Blind Owl Brewery – also an NA Beer Tent Participant w/Hop Water

Brew Link Brewing

Broad Ripple Brewpub

Brokerage Brewing Company

Burn ‘Em Brewing – also an NA Beer Tent Participant w/Hop Water

Byway Brewing

Cardinal Spirits

Centerpoint Brewing Company

Chapman’s Brewing Co

Chilly Water Brewing Company

Damsel Brew Pub

Danny Boy Beer Works

Daredevil Brewing Co

Deviate Brewing

Field Brewing

Feed Store Beer Co

Flix Brewhouse – Carmel

Four Day Ray Brewing

GnomeTown Brewing Co.

Goshen Brewing Co.

Grand Junction Brewing Company

Guggman Haus Brewing Co.

Hi and Mighty

Hog Molly Brewing Co.

Hoosier Brewing Company

Hop River Brewing Company

Ironwood Brewing Co

Lafayette Brewing Co – also an NA Beer Tent Participant w/Good Choices Amber NA

Mad Anthony Brewing Company

Metal Works Brewing Company

Metazoa Brewing

Moontown Brewing Company

Pax Verum Brewing

People’s Brewing Company – also an NA Beer Tent Participant w/NA Pale Ale

Planetary Brewing Co.

Quaff ON!

Saint Joseph Brewery

Scarlet Lane Brewing Company

Shoreline Brewery

Sun King Brewery – also an NA Beer Tent Participant w/Hopopolis

Sun King Fishers

Sun King Kokomo

Switchyard Brewing Company

Taxman Brewing Co.

The Parlor City Brewing Company

The Tap Brewery – also an NA Beer Tent Participant w/Bubble Hop Seltzer Water

Terre Haute Brewing Company

The Guardian Brewing Co

Triton Brewing Co – also an NA Beer Tent Participant w/Triton Root Beer

Upland Brewing Co

Wooden Bear Brewing

ZwanzigZ Brewing



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Sun King Fishers Small-Batch Brewery

Hell or Nothin'

I Was Dreaming When I Brewed This

Sun King Kokomo

Sitting In The Park

City of First

Sun King Brewery

Polynesian Passion (Sun King King's Reserve)

Cherry Busey (Sun King King's Reserve)



Wee Mac


VIP: Stone Fruit Sourcery

NA Booth: Hopopolis IPA

Sun King Brewery

Synchronized Sipping

Tea Me

Sharks & Minnows

14 Karat IPA


Koi Decoy

Orange Vanilla Cream Ale

Midnight Free For All (Sun King King's Reserve)

Old Fashioned Extraction (Sun King King's Reserve)

Brew Link Brewpub

Stone Cold Hazy- Hazy IPA w/ Tangerine

Super Sonic- Cherry Lime Sour

Ugly Little Spud- Matcha Tea & Kiwi Sour

Just One Smore-Imperial Pastry Stout w/ Chocolate, Graham Cracker, & Marshmallow

Lucid- American IPA

Hole In One- Blueberry Donut Sour

Ivory- White Stout

Imagine- Crispy Boi Lager

Flix Brewhouse

Who is this Hans?! Hefeweizen

Outside the Box Shandy

Lucha Libre Mexican Lager

Cardinal Spirits

Bramble Mule

Maui Mule

Bourbon Cream Soda

Double Vodka Soda Cranberry/Lime

Double Vodka Soda Pineapple/Key Lime

Double Vodka Soda Mango/Habanero

Florita Tequila Soda

Songbird Spiked Cold Brew

Afterburner Brewing Company

Surrounded by Fokkers (4.8% abv) - Traditional German style Hefeweizen with classic clove/banana aroma/esters followed by a slightly tart finish.

Joker (4.6% abv) - Classic Dry Irish Stout with exceptional roasty flavor thanks to our favorite dark roasted malt from Sugar Creek's Malt.

Hangar Queen (4.8% abv) - Clean, easy drinker with a very subtle dry hop with Simcoe and Citra.

Your Peach is my Passionfruit (6.0% abv) - Peach Cider w/ Passionfruit. This has a big peach nose with a touch of passionfruit.

Black Dog Brewing Company

Shelby Dog IPA

Graffiti Road NEIPA

Dillinger Brown Ale


Good Vibrations Witbier

Four Day Ray Brewing

Blueberry Blonde

Hot Pink Strawberry Rhubarb Jalapeno Blonde

Where the Watermelon Gose

Fishin for Hopliments

Quaff ON! Brewing Co.

Strawberry Blonde

Quaff IPA

Corn Crusher

Cherry Wheat

Busted Knuckle

Java the Red

Scarlet Lane Brewing Company

Dorian Coconut Stout

Loiterers Strawberry Lime Kolsch

Nick - League of Ordinary Gentleman Pseudo-Lager

Pandemonium IPA

Sammy Terry Kolsch

People's Brewing

Blood Orange Space Cowboy Imperial IPA

Boiler Gold Ale

People's IPA

Farmer's Daughter Wheat Ale

Ol' Tavern Lemon Radler

Grapefruit People's IPA (Cask Offering)

NA Pale Ale (NA Beer Tent)

Kiwi Lime Easy Gose

Wooden Bear Brewing Company

Hoppy Bear IPA

Growl at the Moon

Maize Runner

S.M.A.S.H. Pale

BlackBEARy Ale

Easy Peazy

Shoreline Brewery

Ly-Ko-Ki-We Kolsch


Stellar Blue

Sum Nug


Metal works Brewing Co

New England IPA x 2

White Mocha Stout x 2

Blood orange blonde x 2

Ironwood Brewing Co

Commodore Porter

Beneficence IPA

Violator Doppelbock

U.P. Yours Pale Ale

18th Street Brewery

Not Your Abuelita's Hot Chocolate- Mexican Hot Chocolate Porter

No Baking Required Blueberry Cheesecake-Blueberry Cheesecake Inspired Berliner Weisse

No Baking Required Strawberry Banana -Strawberry/Banana Berliner Weisse

BA Not Your Abuelita's Hot Chocolate-Barrel Aged Mexican Hot Chocolate Porter

Throwing Monkey's- Barrel Aged Banana Stout

Sinister-Double IPA

18th Street Brewery

Not Your Abuelita's Hot Chocolate

No Baking Required Blueberry Cheesecake

No Baking Required Strawberry Banana

switchyard brewing company

Bill The Flamingo NE-style Pale ale

Blackberry Wheat

Pecan Brown

Sentinale Farmhouse Ale

Raspberry Kettle Sour

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Robust Porter

Guggman Haus Brewing Company

Haus Helles - Lager

Into the Wild Sour

Guggenweizen - Hefeweizen

Winners Milk Jug - Milk Stout

Foggy Trails - DDH NEIPA

Party of Four - Quad NEIPA

Danny Boy Beer Works

Vienna Lager

Stars and Stripes Rice Lager

Hand of God

Damsel Brew Pub

Dylan - Sour Spicy Pickle Seltzer

Tootie - Cherry, Blueberry, Plum, Orange, Coconut Sour

Sydney - Imperial IPA

Gloria - Mexican Lager w/ Salt & Lime

Bobbie - Brown IPA

Mila. - Cannabis Brownie Imperial Stout on cask

Flix Brewhouse

Lucha Libre Mexican Lager

Who is this Hans?! Hefeweizen

Outside the Box Summer Shandy

The Last Haze Imperial Hazy IPA

Field Brewing

Spicy Dill Pickle Sour

No Coast Session IPA

HomeField Rye Pale Ale (All Indiana ingredients)

BackRoads Amber Lager

Blueberry Jalapeno No Coast IPA ----Cask Tent Offering

Big Lug Brewing

Goat Ranch - Helles Lager

Topanga - Pale Ale

Mini Umbrellas - Pina Colada Sour

Waist Deep - American Pilsner

Year of Rent - Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Terre Haute Brewing Company

Shore Lunch

10 Gallon Hat

Wango Tango

Street Justice

Hoosier Brewing Company

A.I. Haze Head : A DDH NEIPA with a recipe and graphics generated by A.I. featuring Sabco, Galaxy, and Citra Hops.

The Kraken : Fruit Fusion Sour : A watermelon infused sour with soft serve ice cream!

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookie : Pie Face Sour : A pastry sour featuring raspberry puree and finished on a cookie dough treatment.

Roulette : Spin to Win Sour : A medley of pineapple, peach and papaya purees paired with our sour base.

Fresh Water Taffy : Roll the Fruit : A fruited sour infused with Gelato and paired with sweet cherry, strawberry and a hint of vanilla.

Cerebus : Fruit Fusion :A fruited sour that has been heavily dosed with strawberries and cream.

Banana Coconut Cream : Pie Face : A pastry sour infused with fresh bananas, coconut, and a dose of whipping cream.

Byway Brewing Company

Byway to Hell DIPA

Cambrian Explosion Hazy NEIPA

Orange is the New Wheat

Red Buck (Belgo Red)

Scottish Ale

Hog Molly Brewing Company

Blindside Blackberry Blonde Ale

Hog Molly IPA

Redheaded Cheerleader Strawberry Hefeweizen

Fourth and Goal Orange Juicy IPA

Pom Pom Pomegranate Hefeweizen

2-A-Days Session Lemon IPA

Brokerage Brewing Company

High Plains Drifter (Munich Dunkel)

Dinosaurs on Training Wheels (Hazy IPA)

New Kid on the Hop (American IPA)

Fair Favorite Lemon-Orange Shake-Up Shandy (Fruited Beer)

A Window of the Wine Mind (Red Wine-Style Seltzer)

Patterns of Chaos (German Helles Exportbier)

Walking Ashland (Cream Ale)

Chilly Water Brewing Company

Blood on the Tracks - Blood Orange IPA

Santeria - Mexican Lager

Built to Last - German Pilsner

Gose Rider - Guava Tart Ale

Smoke on the Lager - German Rauchbier

Landslide - Juicy Peach IPA

Triton Brewing Co.

All IN Lager

Magnificent Amber

Rail Splitter IPA

Hempire IPA

Barn Phantom Gose with Bluberry

Dead Eye Stout

Blind Owl Brewery

Naptown Lite (Rice Lager)

Tomamos (Mexican Lager)

Shamrock Hustle (Irish Red Ale)

Hazily Ever After (NEPA)

His Majesty (Witbier)

Mango No. 5 (Mango Pale)

Grand Junction Brewing Company

Westfielder 8

7th Inning Pilsner

One With Nature

1520 Hefeweizen

Underground ESB

Belgium Spy Balloon

Black Circle Brewing Company

Missing Key

Carney Rye'd


Moontown Brewing Company

Shakamak - Helles

Moonlite - Cream Ale

40th Parallel - Bohemian-style Pilsner

Cecil - Hazy IPA

Belgiumnasium - Quadrupel

Into the Void - Robust Porter

The Tap Brewery

Arcane Wanderer: Tim the Enchanter (Early Bird)

Kill the Lights, Imperial Stout (Early Bird)

Bubble Hop (Non-Alcholic, Sparkling Hop Water)

This is the Way, North German Pilsner

The Prancing Pony, Southern English Brown Ale

Bluebeard, Blueberry Sour Ale

Bionic Dragon, American IPA

Choconanza, Chocolate Hefeweizen

Fenrir, American Pale Ale

Saint Joseph Brewery

Cornerstone Kolsch

Confessional IPA

Tangerine 64 Bit Wit

Hops & Prayers IPA

Absolution Amber

Mad Anthony Brewing Company

Pineapple Express Hazy Dank IPA

Laguna Red IPA

Wicked Pissah Hazy Juicy NEIPA

Good Karma IPA

Mosaic Moon Double IPA

Ruby Raspberry Wheat

Summer Daze Wheat

The Guardian Brewing Company

Neon Viking Cloudberry & Apricot Sour Ale

Squirrel Shoes Margarita Style Gosé

Rainbow Pop New England Pale Ale

Counterfeit Sasquatch New England IPA

Five Dots Vanilla Porter

Hi & Mighty

Lemon Shake Up

Cherry Shake Up

Spiced Apple Sidekick

Brewers of Indiana Guild: Drink Indiana Beer