Brewers of Indiana Guild hires new Executive Director

The Brewers of Indiana Guild is pleased to announce the hiring of a new Executive Director, Kaitlyn Hendricks.

“We are thrilled that long-time board member and brewing industry veteran, Kaitlyn Hendricks is the new Executive Director. Kaitlyn brings years of experience to this position, having served in multiple leadership roles at 3 Floyds Brewing. This experience, combined with her intimate knowledge of the guild’s mission, made her an ideal choice to lead the guild as the brewing industry ventures into a new chapter post-pandemic.” – Board President, Nathan Huelsebusch

Hendricks brings with her over a decade of experience in the craft brewing industry from quality control to public relations. Her collaborative efforts among breweries and devotion to the industry earned her a spot on the 20 Under 40 list by Times Media Group and the South Shore CVA’s Outstanding Individual Contribution Award for excellence in the hospitality industry.

Organized in 2000, the Brewers of Indiana Guild is a non-profit trade association that provides a unifying voice for the craft breweries and brewpubs in Indiana.

The guild’s mission is to promote public awareness and appreciation for Indiana craft beer; advocate for favorable regulatory treatment from state and federal agencies; provide support to Indiana brewers through different educational, networking, and marketing initiatives; and promote the highest standards of professional brewing in Indiana.

“I am extremely humbled, honored, and excited to be taking on this new role. I am passionate about everything the guild stands for. I will continue to help our Indiana craft beer community thrive by innovating and staying true to the guild’s vital mission. One of my favorite things about beer is how it brings people together. I am excited to have this opportunity to reignite the Brewers of Indiana Guild and the heart, community, and craft that we love most about this industry.” -Kaitlyn Hendricks

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