The Guild’s stance on free speech, free enterprise and representing our membership

As the craft beer industry grows rapidly (there are already 100 craft breweries in Indiana alone), so grows the array of associated marketing messages–and the likelihood that a beer name, or even a whole brewery’s branding, will offend someone.

We’ve recently been alerted to questionable beer branding put forth by some of our members. While we, the Brewers of Indiana Guild, do represent all Indiana craft breweries, we do not exist to police them or offer a moral authority on the way they conduct their business.

Our objectives are to:

  • promote the highest standards of professional brewing in Indiana
  • increase public awareness and appreciation for the variety and quality of Indiana craft beer
  • advocate for state and federal laws that promote Guild Members’ ideals and that foster brewery profitability
  • provide a forum for discussion, support and initiatives for the common good of Indiana’s brewing industry

Given the above, we obviously don’t condone sexism or racism.

Yet we cannot enforce regulations or principles upon any of our members. We support their constitutional right to free speech and their ability to run their businesses as they see fit.

However, the Guild, as a non-profit trade association, can offer guidance to our member breweries that can help prevent issues which are likely to cause offense–or even the failure of their business.

We’re working on offering continuing education opportunities, like our first-ever Indiana Brewers’ Conference this spring, and creating an Indiana Brewers’ Handbook, all of which will offer guidance to to both new and established breweries and decrease the likelihood that our members will make mistakes.

We’re working hard so we can bring the craft brewing industry in Indiana to a higher level–together.

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