Indiana breweries win again at 2016 Great American Beer Festival

ZwanzigZ' Mike Rybinski, GABF Small Brewpub Brewer of the Year 2016 Hoosier brewers followed up a stellar Great American Beer Festival 2015 with more medals in 2016 at one of the world's biggest beer competitions.Read More

Time’s running out to get one of the nation’s most unique beers

Kaitlyn Hendricks, Brewers of Indiana Guild board member and 3 Floyds Quality Assurance Analyst, helped lead the charge. Corn King IPA, a collaboration beer brewed at 3 Floyds, will be available only to IN Beer Brigade members at release parties around Indiana.Read More

Corn King IPA is brewing at 3 Floyds, exclusively for the IN Beer Brigade

IN Beer Brigade - 3 Floyds Corn King IPA Enlist for a free Drink Indiana Beer bottle opener and exclusive access to one-of-a-kind collaboration beers brewed by Hoosier brewers.Read More

Congrats to the winners of Indiana’s 2016 Bicentenni-Ale Beer Competition

Indiana Bicentenni-Ale logo A panel of local celebrity judges blind-taste-tested Bicentenni-Ale beers at the Indiana State Fair Beer & Wine Exhibit, and here are there favorites.Read More

IN Beer Brigade to launch at 21st Annual Indiana Microbrewers Festival

IN Beer Brigade logo Brigadiers will receive merchandise and exclusive beer, including a malted-corn-based IPA brewed and bottled by 3 Floyds and more than 20 breweries.Read More

Indiana State Fair Brewers’ Cup 2016 results

Indiana Brewers' Cup 2016 awards The 18th Indiana Brewers' Cup took place Saturday, July 9 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. One of the nation’s largest beer competitions, the event rewards home brewers and professional brewers in dozens of style categories.Read More

Download DrinkIN: The official guide to Indiana breweries

DrinkIN magazine 2016 cover DrinkIN, the official publication of Brewers of Indiana Guild, will be available at member breweries across the state starting this month. Download it here.Read More

Why does “local” matter when it comes to craft beer and beer fests? Part 3: You

Indiana beer fans at Bloomington Craft Beer Festival 2016 We've considered crucial aspects of craft brewing, and why it matters. In the final post of the series, we look at something you know well.Read More

Why does “local” matter when it comes to craft beer and beer fests? Part 2: Community

Joy's House volunteers at Winterfest in Indianapolis Attending local events has numerous benefits, all of which should be considered when you're choosing which of seemingly countless beer fests to attend.Read More

Why does “local” matter when it comes to craft beer and beer fests? Part 1: Economics

american-craft-beer-week-2016-logo Given a choice between a mass-produced macro beer or a quality local, opting for local makes the most sense for a variety of reasons, including economics.Read More